LXVI: The Awesome 2010

**Heavy Post + Photo Spam Ahead**
2010 had been a busy year for me~
Weird, cause it was even busier than the last 4 years of my Uni life

I spent almost half the year traveling
yet I still found time to hang out with some friends
that I havent seen the last 4 years

Also theres my big move
from South East Asia to North America
Philippines to Canada to be exact

And yes..
I had TWO Birthday this year

I thought Id just share how my 2010 had been
as you know, I think its fun to relive the past

So here it goes:

January ~
I spent the first day of 2010 on a 9 hour trip back to Manila
guess thats why I had a lot of travelling this year
and on the same day my Camera died

February ~
had a Photo Shoot 
with a Filipino Celebrity / Fashion Photographer Ash Castro 

March ~
We watched Pyromusical Olympics

April ~
I: Panda-chan Konnichiwa
read my first blog post

May ~
4 Day Trip to Mountain Province
first stop Banaue
Read More

Next destination Sagada
We went hiking & caving
Sagada is such an amazing place!!
**im using a low pixeled camera so these pictures doesnt give justice
Read More

Last stop was at Baguio
where i got to taste a Strawberry flavored Taho

June ~
Went to Thunderbird Resort
Read More 

Then we went back to our province in Bicol
had a Car Accident
Read More 

Had our grandfathers mausoleum blessed
and went swimming at CWC
Read More
or view more pictures

Had a Mass for my Grandfathers Death Anniversary
then Lunch with the family, some distant relatives and some family friends
Read More
or view more pictures

Then we went to the Inauguration of the Elementary School's Library
at my grandmothers place
this was sponsored by my Aunt and it was the very first time for the school to have a library
Read More

We also went to the Beach
Read More

We then had a Blue themed Party with the kids
Read More

Went back to Manila

and had a Hair Make-over

July ~
Eat-All-You-Can-Gelato from Gelatone :)
Read more 

Bonding with some Physiotherapy friends
sharing this pic of us ~ a year ago

August ~
Popteen Inspired Photo Shoot 
by F.O.B.tography
first pic by Kristine Lacroix
if you wanna see more pictures from the above Photoshoot ~ just tell me 

I also went out with some High School friend / club-mates
and finally after 4 years .. I got to see my best friend Donna again

I was also featured on Hypeed.com home page

~ September ~
Another Photo Shoot with Jaro
first pic by Kristine Lacroix
Went back to our province
Read more XLII: Ketchup
Back to the Beach
To some Waterfalls
full of potion ingredients LOL!

Farewell Party with some high school friends
Read More

and then we left Manila on my Birthday
arrived at Vancouver the next day but still on my Birthday
Read More

~ October ~
Went to Stanley Park and around Canada Place
Read More

North Vancouver
Read More

Grouse Mountain
Read More

~ November ~
made my sisters costume
Read More

First Snow

~ December ~
I think we all know what happened to my December 2010

I didn't realized how many things could happen in just the span of time
and with just a year who would've thought you could undergo such big change
Ive never been this far from my hometown
and I wasn't really expecting to leave so soon..

Oh well~
some changes are good anyways

To think of it Ive had a very memorable 2010
not only did I get to see so many amazing places
Ive also met a lot of amazing people through this blog!

Thanks for reading, following and for the lovely comments <3
hope I could make and meet more amazing bloggers out there~~

Best of Luck for the coming 2011

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