XLIX: Pastry Land

Time flies so fast
Just a month ago I was still there at the Ph

Anyway heres another late update

Last October 10, 2010
that's right 10 10 10
Our Aunt and a cousin gave us a tour around

It was FUN!

We even got to ride the sea bus to North Vancouver and the Canada line/ Skytrain all the way to the last stations haha

So there.. First destination was North Vancouver
and so we took the sky train to Waterfront

Vanilla bean smothered with loads of cinnamon powder *add some chocolate powder and ta-da perfect .. even my sister liked it

you could see how much we were enjoying our drinks, right? teehee

endless sipping hahaha

So there we finally got to ride the sea bus
I have a picture of it on my post here ~ Dumlings

nearly there

North Vancouver seems like a pretty place
Theyve got mountains and more tree... :D

We didnt went far though cause its hard to go around a place youre not familiar with
especially without a car..
Buses and stops are so confusing hahaha

After eating we went around Lonsdale Quay Market
which is full of pastries :P

So many  pastries right?
you might already know how much I love sweets.. pastries and stuffs

Oh well someday Im gonna make some.. only prettier and more tastier haha

Anyway we saw this alien looking octopus hehe

This sight makes me think about Takoyaki!! LOL

so there we went back to Vancouver and again taking the seabus

North Vancouver got some pretty views ayt?

We then went to a mall called Pacific Centre

and heres a blurry outfit photo XD

and went around Downtown

and after that we took the skytrain across Burnaby then Surrey and then took the bus back to Vancouver

my cameras battery died so i didnt had pictures

So thats all for now..

next up will be again about North Vancouver but this time Ill take you to Grouse Mountain ~ we rode a cable car, the scenic chair and spotted some wild bears..

Oh yeah I guess I should share some pictures from the U Photo shoot I went to before leaving the Philippines..

And yeah I also made some blueberry cheesecake the other..

oh my Ive got piles of things to blog abouthaha

ill try my best to update tomorrow and on Tuesday ~ but Wednesday i would be busy as i have an English Assessment to take so i could go to college..

so thats all for now..

Til next post

Take care everyone...

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