Hello 2015

I'm really bad at this - keeping a blog , keeping a journal , heck I'm even struggling with making my bed everyday. But to give enough credit, I'm getting better at house chores. I don't even hoard anymore! which is good. Last October I gave up half of my clothes and 20 something pairs of shoes - sometimes I regret doing so, but I just have to. I barely even use them anyways..

So yeah. I've abandoned this blog, tried starting anew (still gave up on that one btw) and just when I thought people had forgotten about this site.. I logged in one day and ta-da there was 65 views on my blog and I get at least 5 unique visits everyday. I thought it was gonna be a stinking 0 like the number of updates I make. ha ha and then there's my friends telling me to blog again. Seriously I really think I write useless stuff but apparently there's a few who's enjoying reading my rants and random shenanigans. So this is for all of yous!! love love love  <3 p="">
I still have sh-t loads of drafts waiting to be uploaded. All the way from 2013. Great job, I tell myself..

Its not everyday that something exciting happens. But last year was pretty eventful and I should have started blogging then. There's something wrong with me, always procrastinating - I think this should be on my New Years Resolution (though at the middle of the year Id probably be like What Resolution? )

To keep you on the loop.. I did a lot of normal to crazy things the previous year. I'm living by the motto : Kill Monotony! finally. Lots of changes here and there and more realizations. The future looks more promising than ever, now that the path seems clearer.

PS. I wanted to change my URL since Kawaii is not a word to describe me anymore. *sad face* I wanted "killmonotony" but somebody has it already *sob* Im not the original

I will tell you more.. but I gotta go shower naw. so laterss..

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