LI: Grouse Mountain

So heres the late post I owe you guys..

My mom took a vacation from her work
so last last Saturday
We went to North Vancouver's famous Grouse Mountain
*its a perfect skiing spot during the winter

Anyway.. you have two choices on how to get to the top
One~ If youre the adventurous outdoorsy type then maybe you'd like the Grouse Grind
I haven't tried it though but I know you'll have to hike all the way up
Dont ask me how long ~ no idea
but my mom wanted us to try this on Summer so we'll see..

And Two ~ if you're lazy like me. just take the Sky Ride and enjoy the majestic view
but if you have Acrophobia fear of heights I dont suggest you take the lift..

Moving on they have this Lumberjack Show going on when we got there
we were lucky for it was the last performance for this season.
It was very enjoyable and funny too ~ those two sure know how to crack up jokes hehe
Also ~ do you know that they were world famous lumberjacks.
Yup you heard it right~ they've won on some international competitions which I cant remember haha

My mom said during summers they have bird shows instead so we'll also see about that if ever we do go there for the summer..

Included is the chair lift to the peak of Grouse Mountain.
Again if you have fear of heights, dont ride it.. kay? teehee
According to the brochure it would rise you to an altitude of 4,100 feet.
Im glad I dont have fear of heights or else I wont be able to appreciate the view hehe..

On the peak is the Eye of the Wind ~ again according to the brochure
Its the Worlds first and only wind turbine that allows you to stand in a clear glass view pod.
you have to pay extra and book early if you want to try it

Also you could try the Zip line, Paragliding or a Helicopter Tour but you have to pay extra and book early to try these.

When we got down we spotted three wild grizzly bears hehe..

There are also two orphaned grizzlies but they were sleeping somewhere when we went to the habitat so we didnt get to meet them.

They also have wolves but we didnt went there.

They also have free theater shows, ranger talks and guided eco tours..

Thats all for Grouse Mountain..
Oh by the way they have a restaurant and a souvenir shop up there and you could dine on a deck which has a very lovely view..

You could check out the admission rates through there website here ~~

Near Grouse Mountain you could also find the Capilano hanging bridge
too bad it was closed by the time we got there so next time.. hehe

Uhm sorry about the change of format..
I was yeah feeling lazy to do an update so I just copied the pictures then type
Unlike before

Or do you prefer it this way?

Til next post ~~

Now Im off for my daily dose of the Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss
re-watching it haha~!

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