Nearly forgot about these pictures..

Anyway these were taken last June(13-14) at the Thunderbird Resort at Rizal.. Cool for this place was actually part of my Travel Wishlist (the other branch though) curious? 10
**their buildings were influenced by the Santorini Islands plus its near a beach!

okay.. moving on..

Little did I know that my Dad's friend works for the said resort , we got invited so Thunderbird here we go!

The rates were pretty expensive.. especially the food!
(man! it was just.. you know ordinary..just eye candy)
Good thing we have a 50% discount..
all thanks to my dad's friend..

The room was big as compared to other hotels, but the carpet was'nt that clean *eew!
On the good side the bed was really comfy! and each room comes with a private balcony & a bathtub .. yay!

They also have this awesome infinity pool & a jacuzzi

Oh yeah they have a casino & a golf course there - for other amenities, info & promos 10

Random Story:

Thats what happens wheb your house is surrounded by korean groceries xD


Val said...

Looks wonderful Jessica!! and it sounds like you had a lovely time!!

ayen said...

it's the same as bellarocca right? it's one of my travel wishlist also! =)

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