IX: A Good Laugh

aka The Nurse, Security Guards, some Policemen, the Tourists , Seminarians, a Priest and the Fake Japanese Girl

June 22, 2010...
Went to visit my grandfather
All my aunts and uncle was there so the usual photo session

Then off to SM Naga
Ate at Shakeys then rushed shopping
since our grandmothers place is about 30mins away from Naga we dont want to stay that late..

We thought everything was going fine..
Until we were leaving the parking lot a car bumped our car WOW!
The guards corresponded fast.. they had their cameras ready and called the police no second later..
Funny though the guy driving the car which bumped us is wearing a statement tee which read "Stop Look and Listen" LOL!

Me and my cousin was getting bored so we took pictures of the scene. really funny! more than 5 security guards were there plus 3 or 4 policemen, then my aunts looked like they were tourists plus my cousin who was still on his nurse uniform.. and oh yeah those guys from the car who bumped us where seminarians and their parochial priest came as well.. Just imagine that scenario hahaha

Another thing.. some security guards asked me a question in Bicol. Since I dont speak and barely understand the dialect I turned to my cousin.
And she went like "She wont understand you, Shes from Japan.. Japanese japanese"
Hahaha the guards went "I knew it shes a foreigner ..Arigatou!" LOL!!


Phoebe R said...

Haha that's a fun way of looking at a not so fortunate situation. :D optimism yay!

Ran said...

ang kulit ng cousin mo! :D

honeykaye21 said...

Imy Mariko. This is really funny. :)))


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