XIII : Bagolatao

June 26, 2010

My Bicol vacation wouldnt be complete without going to Bagolatao hehehe
cool fact: Bagolatao means Floating Rocks.. see pictures above and youll see why :P

It was around 10am when we got there.. One thing I like about going here is that we get to enjoy the whole beach to ourselves and I get to wear my swimsuit and take loads of pictures hahaha. but this time I didnt took pictures while on my swimsuit ~ Im getting fat. thanks to that diet book LOL! weird huh it had the opposite effect and i grew a belly haha..

anyway see my cool grandma? hehehe *witweew

The sun was enjoying itself that day as well, it was so hot. I even got tan lines even though i swam only for an hour or so?
Well not really swam cause first of IDK how to swim LOL!

My aunt went around the beach and got us some coconuts. Yum~! I love fresh coconut juice, that when my aunt was taking a video while we were eating I burped real loud hahaha..

We also dropped by Hamoraon beach. not for a swim but to reminisce..
Not me though.. Thats for my aunties, uncle's.. they used to spend their summer vacations there..

I found the fishball vendor and everyone followed me hahaha..

till next post.. ♥ ♥ ♥

1 comment:

Zeruda said...

The pictures are amazing!!!! *_*
Wow, you can't swim!? That's a surprise ^^ Someone should teach you, it's very good to know :)

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