XI: A Happy Memory

Warning: This is a very long post .. and yeah PICTURE SPAM hehehe

It was never the same without him..
Im talking about my grandfather
It has been a year since he passed away, and yeah my vacations was never the same again.

He was always the first one to welcome us home, not to mention he always saves some buko salad for me. *man this is making me hungry*

Moreover. I miss the sight of him carrying this pail, with boots and a jacket on even though the weather was very hot..
Oh yeah he always wear this cap which read "Don Pedro" ~ its his name hehe..

I remember way back 2006 he wanted my pink hat LOL! but i didnt want to give it to him for it was my favorite during that time.. and told him Ill just buy him another cap when i come back ~ which I failed to do and had only remembered a year ago.. *sigh*

What I miss the most is his laugh.. It sounds kinda weird and is really contagious.
he also have some really strange advices.. One time he asked about my boyfriend (when we were still together) and then told me I should go find myself another one, someone from our province.. According to him I should have boyfriends from diff places so my vacation wouldnt be that boring haha..
wait til you hear more..
He always tell me and my cousins to go to the disco and even gives us money for it (plus beer money too xD) hehe

Ive also heard from my cousin and grandmother that he was so happy when he saw me on television~ that was weeks before he died.
He was so proud that our family name was shown on TV.
how I wish I heard what he has to say about it.

But its not right to be sad right? Now that I believe hes in some place better.. :) and thus memories are still there *and just like before.. he still never fails to make me laugh*

Now to the real story.... and heres the pictures

June 24, 2010

We had a mass prepared especially for my dear lolo.
and since the priest on our place isn't available during this day we went all the way to Naga instead..
I was asked to do the second reading and be part of the offering.
*cause my cousin Ate May was too shy? to do so* hahaha peace V

We then had lunch at the Avenue Hotel together with some family friends and neighbors.
We had a mini program and of course a slideshow of my lolo's pictures
*you can spot him on one of our stolen pics*

Some of my cousin's (carlo) guy friends asked to have a picture with me. @_@? They said they wanted to show people that they know a foreigner (an east asian)
Do I really look that different?

After lunch together with Ate May and Ate Tin and the kids
went around the hotel and had some mini pictorials..
Then my auntie's followed.
and then the whole family..

Fun fun

I guess my lolo also had fun seeing us all together.


jellytelly_ri-chan said...

You've got a great grandpa. I didn't even get a chance to see my grandpas... they both passed away when i was born so....

but your outings are ever so cheerful and lots of people..... nice to see that kind of atmosphere. =)

Mariko Jessica said...

A really wonderful grandpa :)
I didnt get to meet my other grandpa though ~ but I heard some cool stories from my uncles hehe..

Thanks.. My aunties likes having their pictures taken hehe. Its like they should have a picture at every corner LOL!

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