Panda-chan Konnichiwa!

My first blog post ..

- skip. skip.skip -
im trying to avoid my usual rambles

So anyway ever heard of Hello Panda
Last Sunday I got myself some ..

Okay maybe a little bit more than some

But believe it or not
this didnt even lasted for a day
Yep, you heard it right~~

So the next day someone brought me(counting...)
2 more
cute panda prints on each biscuit

already ate the other one teehee

But thats not where all this delicious-ness ends

Guess what ..

Yesterday my aunt bought us more Hello Pandas

Ow how I wish i could share them to you guys..

but no way~! This is soo my favorite

hahaha just kidding but this really is my favorite snack

til next post..
stay oishii, i mean kawaii

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