Picture Pictures and More Food

Yay second post

I think I owe some of my bunnies an apology for not using them on my previous post..
Gomen ne usa-chan..

la la la la

Just finished with my last pack of Hello Panda *sigh

Well anyway im glad some people took time to drop by my blog
and to even leave comments as well
~not literally here, but on another site

enough of that..
the other day i went out with my aunt and my little siblings
to have our visa picture taken
It was some kind of a rush so didn't had time to fix my hair or make-up the way i used to do..

it has been my habit to take pictures of my reflection LOL

It was actually the first time for me to use that bag.
I got it 4 years ago from my dads province ~ Bicol
As far as i could remember we got this for a very good steal
3bags for 100php ($2)
 Cool huh!?

So moving on
We then ate at Gumbo

my kawaii little siblings

we also had some lasagna and pizza ~ which i forgot to take a picture of

Cute :D

There are loads of awesome dresses at Mango
and theyre on sale

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