Ice Cream Land - Not

I saw this TV Ad the other day while watching Animax
It was about Selecta's Ice Cream Festival
According to the Ad there would be an Ice Cream Buffet
and for an Ice Cream Addict like me
this is A Dream Come True
and I must must GO!!

So yesterday, at around 7:00pm
we went to SM Mall of Asia
but before going for the ice Cream Festival
We had dinner first

And now to Ice Cream Land

la la la

we passed by the Sanrio store..

across the Parking lot..
and Wella

me and my little sister was super excited for this..
but disappointment it was
there was no Ice Cream Buffet like what Ive expected
plus it ended way earlier than what they have announced

So back to the mall

and bought crepes instead..

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