LXVII: Hello 2011

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We had a very busy, food-filled New Years Eve!
celebrated with our neighbor

If you've been following me on twitter
you might have heard that our family checked in at a hotel last December 30
Checked out the next day and went straight to Robson Street
a shopping district at Downtown, Vancouver
and bought some late Christmas presents
and a new shoes & a rain boots

imagine some Asian girl with a camera on her neck
with a pink luggage with her right hand
and shopping bags on her left
walking around a busy street filled with shoppers
catching the last weeks sale LOL!

Anyway just found out that I gained 9kg in 5 months 
why is the world full of yummy foodies 
glad the food dont go straight to the tummy
they get stucked on my cheeks xD

view from our hotel room
you could see mountains, the ocean and the torch from Winter Olympics

and lastly..
I recorded this~~
this video is unlisted

thats me playing the guitar and singing SNSD's Gee (japanese ver)
I know i sound horrible and I suck at playing the guitar

haha! to my friends / boyfriend who have seen the video before this
see? theres an improvement with my guitar plucking xD

Ive learned this word today hehe

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