did you missed me? :D
Ive been feeling down lately
blame it on the weather or it could be PMS or home sickness

Oh well~

I wish I could share/rant about some things here
but because people I know in real life
that includes my Dad and my little siblings
reads my blog!
Im afraid I couldn't do that

funny eh?

I am missing all the FUN

I wasnt able to enter Melody's 
Camwhore Competition
see entries and winners here ~ click

and I wasnt able to catch up
with your updates/new blog entries

It wouldve been fun to share all my camwhore moments
at least for me haha!
it'll be boring for you cause Ive got hundreds LOL!

I guess its time to answer some FAQ ~~
and share some camwhore pictures *insert evil laugh here
here are some questions that i got from some readers :P

I am Filipino!!!!
I get the most questions regarding my race/nationality hehe

are you a Japanese? Or you just like everything or somethings about them? I'm really wondering about it.

hey there :) I want to know if youre a half korean:) because it seems like:)

are you Japanese?

etc etc...

So No, Im not Japanese, not Korean and not Vietnamese neither
Im pure Filipino! born and raised at Manila, Philippines..
at marunong ako mag.tagalog! :)

Uhm I love watching and drawing anime
so I got interested with the Japanese culture
I tried self-learning the language
sometime during high school
that Katakana and Hiragana became our secret code
when it comes to exchanging letters with my friends during class

Im 19 y/o
and  i dont want to get any older than this :(

My hair is half rebonded and half permed
My hair was done by a Korean stylist~~ so maybe thats why you guys are always asking me if Im half Korean hahaha (cause of my hair ? XD probably)

Im not a model 
even my teacher asked me if I was a model during the first day of class
and even a security guard from a grocery store once stopped me and asked if i was a model LOL!

I did a VTR for a modeling agency and signed under them before though
I did a few segments for a lifestyle TV show
a few photo shoots and stuffs but nah I dont really consider my self as a model~


if you ever had a chance to get back with any of your ex-'s, who? and why?

do you have a boyfiend??if no then are you interested in finding one?

what is the most impt thing to you in a relationship?

are you happy with your current boyfriend?? 
don't you think you deserve someone who's much cooler and good looking than him?? 

so I heard youve dated your ex's for 3 years? dont you regret that you two broke up?

my friends call me bitter / emo
"trust" is probably the most impt thing (but not the only one)
well too bad I dont trust people (esp guys) so......
haha and stop sending me hese kind of questions
It makes me think that i might prolly be really unlucky with love..

ah whatever

ending the post with the latest camwhore pictures
the first pic on this post is taken on the same day

I will answer other questions some other time~
if you have one
you could always leave a comment
or ask me through my formspring

Good night everyone!

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