LVIX: New Friends

Should I stop blogging :/
seriously there are times when I just wanna close this blog
Im out of things to blog about
and if I do theyre all about me
aint that so boring?!

And I so cant decide whether I should or not apply
at Capilano University
for Rehabilitation Medicine, since I used to study Physical Therapy
itll be something related..

I attended an information session yesterday
and it sounds great
but I also want to study Baking and Pastry Arts or Culinary Arts at VCC
and its always been my dream to be in the Culinary field

Anyway I made a new friend ~
I met her at Capilano University
she also attended the info session for the Rehab medicine program
She kind of approached me and wanted to make friends haha

Her name is Elise
She's from S.Korea
and its funny how the people I am meeting here are mostly Koreans
Elise told me that she went to study English in the Philippines before
and she was really surprised that I am Filipino
she said she thought I was Chinese :))
haha do I really not look like a Filipino :?

I also went to the Vancouver Aquarium last last week?
if you wanna see pictures ~
click the green star above!
it goes to my Multiply - Online Album
and click on Photos to view all Albums

Here's a picture with some of my new friends~~
Its Carrie, Shar and her boyfriend & Mun
Stella wasnt in the picture though

Its really funny howthe friends I make are Koreans
did i land in S. Korea by mistake?

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