LXX: Xin ni kuai lok!

Okay okay I wont stop blogging
but let me warn you~
this blog might be filled with stories on my boring life


Anyway my sister just turned 12 last Friday
and for her birthday
I made a cake..

Its the first cake I made
and the first time I draw/decorated with icing
so yeah ~ excuse my messy decorations
Can you guess who it is?

Things I learned while decorating~
*buy more pastry bags
*buy that spatula thingy for smoothing the icing

Moving on~
I went to Aberdeen Centre yesterday
yes yes its an Asian mall!!!
theres no Western brand and the food court only serves Asian foods!! FTW!
and here is where you can find the only Daiso in Canada kkk

Happy Year of the Bunny~!
Xin ni kuai lok is Hokkien (Fookien) for Happy New Year :)

There are loads of cute clothes from Japan
but theyre so expensive like $300+
so even though they have a 50% discount
no thanks~! hahaha

It was fun going around the mall
lots of Cute stuffs
and pretty pretty Asian clothes
but~ people here are mostly Chinese
ssh I secretly took a picture~

Every store I entered the salesperson talks to me in Chinese
and some wont stop even though I told them I dont speak Chinese
while some would say sorry then ask if Im Korean or Japanese
a lot of the older people doesnt seem to speak English -_-

After going around the mall
and buying 2 boxes of double eyelid tapes
a stickers for my little sister and a wooden puzzle thingy for my little brother
I went to the Food court!

I couldnt decide whether to get a crepe or a Takoyaki / Okonomiyaki
but I ended up getting a Takoyaki
cause I really miss eating one

 but why is everything so expensive here

I sat on the corner of the food court
near the window and away from the people LOL
I chose to sit here cause
1: I hate it how people stares/looks at you
2: So I could camwhore take pictures wahaha 
I love double eyelid tape!!
thanks Rebekah for letting me know that even non-monolids could use them

I'll blog about the eyelid tape on the next post!

Til next post~~

Kung Hei Fat Choi !
Kiong Hee Huat Tsai (in Hokkien / Fookien)

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