LXXI: 7 Beauty Characteristics Tag

How are you doing?
Ive been busy the last week trying to complete my requirements for school
hopefully I could start classes really soon
Anyway I was tagged by Melody to do the 7 Beauty Characteristics Tag
it would be easier to make a post about my 7 ugly characteristics hahaha
bare faced pictures +  no edits U_U

Okay~ well say hello to my no-make up, blemished skin
thanks to pre-menstrual breakouts kkk
I have been relying on too much make up 
that I dont really feel confident bare face
U_U and I dont think I look good without bangs
and do you see my irregularly shaped eyes ><"

Come on Jessica..
enough with the negativity were not here to witness your drama!

So okay here are the 7 things I like about myself~~

1. Legs - 
I love my muscles down there, many girls had been asking me if they could swap legs with mine hehe
ignore the pose ~ I was bored that day hahaha
muscles are all thanks to ballet & high heeled shoes haha

2. Eyes -
I like the shape of my eyes ^^
I may have a really small crease but its even better than before~
I got bitten by some insect years ago..then my eyelids became really puffy
and when it was healed ~ ta-da higher crease
too lazy to take another photo ~ L eye with eyelid tape
falsies doesnt stick long without the eyelid tape kk

3. Beauty Mark -
It's what makes me unique~
I used to hate it cause some people would tease me because of it 
But nah, I wouldnt want it removed
Dont you think I'll look weird..
see we grew up together hahaha!

4. Figure -
You probably know how much I like food! haha
and that I am currently a bum who doesn't even exercise ><"
and yeah, I am someone who always fakes being sick 
just to be excused from PE class haha!

No I dont have the hourglass body
but nyaa for a lazy panda
this is okay~~

5. Dimples -
Ive got two small dimples which I find really cute hehe
you could see my left dimple on the very first pic in this post
I have another one on the right, just below my mole so its hard to notice

6. Lips -
I like my lip color and its shape hehe~

7. My Smile? -
People say I have a very cute smile haha
Im such a happy person hahaha

Like what Melody said..
We are beautiful in our own ways.
and that some characteristics that seems good wouldn't even match us.

I tag everyone who reads this!

you should all do this
I was so shy of sharing my no make-up pictures but after doing this post it felt great
like Id want to add this or that characteristics :D
Im not saying Im that beautiful okay~
I just like myself just the way it is
*okay okay thats I lie, cause I dont like my nose hahaha

*Sorry about not making that post about the eyelid tape ><"
*and sorry about my grammar ~ im in a hurry today hehe

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