LXXII: Lost in SFU

People seem to discover my blog by searching XXX in google
Nooooooo! I just like using Roman Numbers
and this blog is definitely not X-rated!
Last week I went to SFU-Burnaby with my friend Carrie
to visit Shar
It took us an hour to get there
but we only got to see Shar for like 5min haha

Rule no 1
Always make sure your cellphone is fully charged!

the campus was so big!
and freezing
as it is in the mountain
my phone is dead
and Carrie's phone doesnt have a signal
LOL spell b-a-d-l-u-c-k
add to that we have no clue where to find Shar

We spend 30+mins in the cold
looking for pay phones
then an hour waiting outside Shar's room
and complaining about how hard it is to get stuffs here
how the stores close so early
and how expensive things are LOL
that pond thingy was frozen (almost)

All pictures from Carrie~~
I didnt bring a camera that day

It was such an unfortunate but funny day XD

Carrie thought Filipino's arent very friendly
while I believed Koreans are snobs

some things arent really what they seem

sorry for not commenting on your blogs~
was so busy with my school application
and yeah watching Dream High / My Princess XD
but I will comment soon!

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