LXXIII: Rename~

Ive been visiting a lot of people in their dreams lately
Its funny~~

Carizza dreamed that we met at the mall
but we were both too hesitant to say hi

and Joo (is the 3rd person) to tell me that in his dreams
I was part of the K-Pop group "Girls Generation"
Photo by Ciarra del Rosario (September 2010)
oww my chubby face *__*

I might have to change my name
for SNSD already have a member named Jessica LMAO

What should I change my name to?
I have the most common name :/
I know more than 10 people (personally) who goes by the same name
and 2 of them are my best friend
Jessica, Jessica (me) and Jessieca
Weird how Im best friends with people who share the same first name
but it's weirder how we were all wearing pink that day haha
sometime in February 2007
During high school, friends makes fun of us by calling our name out loud. Since we all share the name the three of us would look to see who called only to see people laughing.

JS Prom ~ Senior year (February 2006)
its the 3 Jessica's again LOL!
Im the no-eyed Jessica ><" FYI my eyes arent closed!

Lastly for Lexy's 5 colors in one outfit dare
heres an old photo of me
taken 2 years ago
the days when I used to breathe colors LMAO
I just dont have enough clothes to do the dare now haha!

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