LXXIV: No More Lazing Around~

My 12 year old sister loves sewing
so she made all these (for me!!)
Im so lucky LOL
this ones a Cellphone bag / holder thingy
she first drew the design on a paper
and asked me if thats how Id like it to be keke
and everything is hand sewn by her
and this is me with half make-up LOL!
one eye with eyelid tape ~ false eyelashes-es ~ eyeliner and circle lens
it looked so much bigger than the other eye right?

Anyway I just got a job at Freshbowl
its a South East Asian Restaurant
and I would be working in the kitchen there
cooking yay!

They're opening a new branch at Gastown 
(Downtown Vancouver)
this March 8
so if you're from BC
do check us out hehe

for the meantime
check out this video of the restaurant where I would be working soon :)

Spring is gonna be busy
I would start working this March
then school starts on April
wish me luck!!

Im going to a Culinary School :D

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