LIV: Pre-Halloween

Last October 28 we went to a Halloween Party for Kids
at the hotel where my mom works

Okay I didnt dressed up
but we did prepared something for my little sister
It was supposed to be a guro lolita inspired outfit
but turned out to be more pirate-ish than guro hehe

These were hand sewn *ehem ehem
except for the tights and hat ~ which was from an H&M sale

funny story
while on the train ~ you look so neat lets rip your tights!!!
So I did while my mom ripped her skirt teehee
so people were like @__@?? hehe

We did her hair at the hotel
polluted the wash room with hair sprays and hair color sprays hehe

Anyway there we watched the movie How to Train your Dragon

It was a very nice movie although I kept on calling his dragon
Chubby our pets name haha

They had hotdogs, pizza and some popcorn and candy corns which I kept on snacking on
The popcorn was so yummy and buttery

some of the kids who went to the party

and another pic of my sister

sorry I sprayed some red on her hat

and heres a mirror shot with my sister

mom on the background

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