XLIV: Airplane food + My 2 Birthdays

Skipped an event~~
The night before leaving Manila we had dinner
but the pictures were blurred so skip to the next day

My Birthday

It didn't really felt like it was my birthday or some special day
probably because we were set to leave the same day
and were too busy with the last minute packing

Some friends came by though and gave me gifts and letters (I actually asked them to give me letters.. as you noticed I like writing~~ and I like reading and getting letters hahaha its like the perfect gift :P im old school sorry)
Our farewell committee was well, there were many of them who wants to see us of
haha so they dont want me here :? LOL

We left the house at around 2pm?
Then checked in our baggage and went out to have our last meal at Jollibee
Its a fast food ~ rival of Mc D hehe

Im so gonna miss their Mango Peach Pie
and grrr they were sold out by the time I decided to get another serving arrggh

By 5pm we finally said goodbyes

Yes it was of course sad, I nearly cried haha

stolen pic and thats my dad and my little sister on the side ~~

and my boarding pass

my travelling buddies LOL my little siblings mina & koy

It was a 12 hour long flight
More than half of it, we were asleep
then the rest i spent on solving my Sudoku book & listening to the Korean channel on the planes radio it was wonder girls 2 different tears again and again haha

Oh yeah the food was not bad
my picky sister actually  said lets go eat here again haha
but why do kids get more food?? haha


Kids dinner ~ Chicken fillet, corn and carrots, mashed potato, potato salad, bread & butter, brownies & chamyto (a probiotic drink)

my dinner ~ Chicken idk haha plus rice and some atsara, salad, bread and butter, leche flan and your drink of choice

then Breakfast:

Kids breakfast ~ corned beef, egg, green peas & rice, cereal, milk, and some fruit

my breakfast ~ omelette, mushroom, sausages, hash brown, bread & butter and some mamon cake

We arrived earlier than expected but it took us some time at the immigrations
there were many people waiting XD

Some airport officials greeted me and my siblings ~~ "Ni hao" haha
Were not Chinese! XD

So there, we found our mom waiting
And she brought us some coats cause yeah were not used to the 15C temperature
Manila's always at around 30C (last summer it was 38.5C :P)

And yes since time is advanced at the Ph it was still my birthday when we arrived
So I aged 2 years??

My mom prepared some food
and some of her friends brought more foods, cakes and birthday gifts as well yiee


Peanut Butter Hedgehog & the edible greeting card LOL

and another cake

i love eating those flowers XD (and they spelled my brothers name wrong hahahaha)

So thats my first day, first big move, first change...

Til next post


Emmaleigh said...

Welcome to Canada! I'm just in Alberta :D so from Manila to Vanc is only 12 hours eh?

Winter is almost here, I dunno what winter is like in B.C but yeah have fun with what's left with the fall & look forward to winter! :D

Jessica said...

@Emmaleigh ~ Wow really? We might visit Alberta this month or I dunno, my mom has a friend there and theyre planning to meet or something XD

And yes I heard its cold there.. Hmm and BCs the hottest place in Canada.. so the weathers still at around 15C these days although it kept on raining :( I am so not looking forward for winter haha.. I hate cold >_< haha but Im looking forward for the leaves to fully change colors ^_^

CHEEN said...

aww. yer friends and yer bf is so sweet :D
lol. ni hao :D haha. maybe you look like a chinese, i lvoe yer mom, love thos cakse, yummy :DD

Umi said...

Take care! And belated happy birthday! :D

Melody said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!

I really like what you're wearing in that shot that your boyfriend took of you :) ! I especially love the shoes @-@"! <3


Angie said...

hehe welcome to canada! well you're much closer to me now in the states aww sorry you're sad but it'll be okay! love your wedges

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