XLV: 2nd day at Vancouver

September 25
just a few more posts then Id be blogging bout the present Go go!

I woke up early that day
so i went around the house and took some pictures ~~~

So heres the front view of the house

We are renting btw ~ yes were not rich XD
and we get half the first floor
and I get to have my own room

I wont be posting a picture of my room yet
but for the meantime
heres our living room & kitchen

now look what I found on the backyard


we also have tomatoes, carrots, corn and some other greens that Im not familiar with LOL

and meet our kawaii neighbor Chanel

Around 1 or 2pm we then went to Metrotown (a mall) to eat late lunch hehe
So that was our neighbor giving us a small tour at Vancouver
and yes they also paid for our lunch (when I say our that means me and my 2 little siblings LOL)
moms still at work

So anyway
we were supposed to have this late lunch at some Japanese restaurant nearby but it was closed..
Which makes me wonder why restaurants closes after lunch then resumes at 5pm?
haha weird ~ or at least for me that was..

Why is everything so expensive?????? LOL

but was surprised to see how big servings are

so prolly youll be seeing less food blogging
huhu I hope no~!!

I didnt take a picture of what i ate..
I didnt finish my food
I told you serving was tooo big.. I only ate like 1/8 of my food :(

Sorry about the lame post

My moms telling me to go to bed already haha

And yeah well Im also a bit sleepy
Had a busy 10-10-10
Our Aunt took us out all the Way to North Vancouver, around Downtown then to Surrey and back home
but it was fun

Well Ill blog about this trip next time

but not tomorrow..
Theres another post coming ~~~
Our visit to Stanley Park and oh yeah probably that boring day that I decided to just practice on putting make-up

So thats all for now..

Have a nice day everyone

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