XLIII: Mushroom Soup

More Catching ups to do....

So September 22, 2 days before I left Manila
We planned to meet up with some high school friends

Since everyones hungry and on budget
We choose to eat at KFC


after ~~ Donna my best friend arrived
she just had a class that afternoon (yup shes a grade school teacher) and wasnt supposed to come for she has another class early next morning
but I sent her a text message and you know I can be scary like that
*well not really I just did my technique of sending your friends some emotional text that goes something like.... so this means you dont love me anymore? Im leaving on the 24th so this would be the last time for us to meet and you dont want to see me even? :( so you dont love me then, and all this time i thought we were best friends"


After dinner, like last time we went to QQ Box KTV

The room we got was roomier than last time
I guess you could fit more than 20 people in here and costs only 550 Php ($12.2 per hour)

group picture ~~ without Je-an and her boyfriend (cause the usual Je-ans late again haha)

still remember my best friend Donna?

and yes thats me hehe

And because not everyone could stay late
we asked to be transferred to a smaller room
And it cost 250Php ($5.6)
and fits 9 people~~

Jessica, Jessieca and Jessica ~~yeah thats why I hate my name so common haha

So I guess thats all two more catch up post and ill be able to update you about my life here at Vancouver ~~~


Angie said...

your hair is always so cute. you should do a tutorial sometime :)

carizzachua said...

QQ Box has japanese songs? music21 have lots of korean/japanese songs :)

looking forward to your next posts :)

Jessica said...

@ Angie ~~ Thank you.. i'll think about the tutorial XD

@ Carizza ~~ Oh yes they do.. Comparing to the ones at Music 21, songs here are much more updated - they already have 2ne1's Fire & I dont Care, SNSDs - Gee and Oh, Kara's - Wanna, Mister and so on..

On J-Pop they have Kana Nishino's Best Friend its kinda new right so there ^_^ but you have to be able to read Japanese in order to find songs hehe but that goes for the songs at Music 21 right? and their Japanese songs are like years ago..

And the rooms are bigger & cheaper.. i just dont know about the food hehe

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