XLII: Ketchup

Because I havent been updating much
Im doing a catch up post for today
so expect a very very long one hihi

I told you that I went back to our province, Bicol a few weeks ago right..
So Ima do a post about what we did there ~~~

Da da da da

I: Drive Around

On the way home, my dad suggested we take another route
yep the longer one..

Along the way we saw this pond full of birds ~~ Migrating birds I think
So I asked them to stop the car so I could take pictures hehe

My cousin Caloy posing for the camera XD

II: Insectography

It was a sunny morning and I noticed how many pretty colored insects fluttering around the garden

So I took the camera and started clicking


Until I found out about the Macro button

Oh btw Chubby is also with us

he's by the koi pond found at the backyard

III: Time Travel

I went to our cousins house and found this photo

With my two closest cousins, we were so young then haha
(im the one in the middle, I used to be the shortest one LOL but now were all the same height :P)

IV: House Party

Yep we had another party
but this time the theme color was Pink & White
and we had real foods unlike before ~~ LOL

I made Carbonara and prepared some garlic breads
Then my dad cooked chicken fingers and made some pineapple juice

We also had decorations & games and super loud sounds
So it was definitely more FUN

V: Beach

Went to the beach and got deeper tan

low tide

sea urchin

even Chubby went for a swim hehe

VI: Falls

Yes we also went to see some waterfalls
It was my first time going there
It was such a mystical place
like some fairies lives there or something haha


These flowers are everywhere, I dunno what its called but it kinda looks like sakura right? except that its white hehe

pretty moss covered chairs

the first falls we went to

a spidey resting on one of our bags hehe

found a tree house

another falls

found these cute little fellas on the rocks hehe there are more of them there

now look what I got

some red leaf, two heart shaped fruits (one red one brown/dried), the cute white flower, some green spiky fruit, butterfly wing & another wing from a damselfly (and yes i found these lying around the rocks by the falls)

VII: Cathedral & Peñafrancia

Its nearly fiesta or the feast of Peñafrancia..
Its the time when the whole province celebrates the feast day of their patron saint whom they call "Ina"

My grandmother wants us to see her so we went to the Cathedral
attended a mass but uh we were late
So we just went to Ina

they said if you made a wish
itll come true
~~ do you know what I wished for??
well I just asked for guidance, I was hoping I could finally be allowed to go to a Culinary school

and then had dinner at Chef Doys a filipino restaurant found at Avenue Square

So here the usual food pictures

batang pusit

salmon sa miso

sinigang na hipon


forgot what its called :P Adobo something~~ LOL

kinunot na pating ~ yess its shark :P

Theyre all Filipino foods so its probably weird looking for you

Anyhoo Im tired of all that Filipino food at home so it was nothing really different ~ sorry
its still good, though normal ~ for me
But if you wanna taste Filipino / Bicol foodies and your at Naga City you might want to try Chef Doys~~

VIII: Departing

So its the first day..
What we did is mostly pack up our clothes hehe
Well I did hang out with some friends
who are btw yearssssss younger than i am
haha ~~ I love kids :D

So there we took some photos and they came up with a group name using our initials
"Mi chi la chi che je ko vi chu ko"
try saying it fast and it sounds so Chinese haha

So heres some group picture

these are the sweetest kids ever...
they wrote me some letters and gave me gifts
Lala gave me a teddy bear, cause she said its what symbolizes me
cause I am cute and huggable LOL hahaha
(so kids think of me like this?) haha

thats my 1 week vacation at Bicol ~~
which kinda ended up in a sentimental post wahahaha


Angie said...

pretty bugs and animals! aww i love how you do your hair too :)

Kura said...

An update! <333
And wow...love the butterfly and damselfly wing!
I didn't know you could find them around xDD

Jessica said...

Thanks Angie :)

Kura ~~ yeah me too.. It was such an amazing place full of wonderful amazing stuffs.. perhaps you could find potion ingredients from there hahaha

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