XL: Blueberry Pop

Went to CFO last Tuesday for our Peer Orientation or Seminar something
it wasn't really as informative as I thought..

All we did was watch some videos about going to a new school in a foreign land.
We were then assigned into groups and asked to list some benefits and costs on migrating to another country.
Then they discussed the things needed before we become a citizen and also the important things to bring on our flight.
I attended the mandatory seminar with my siblings~ we were separated into groups and I was seated next to this kid named Malen (hes the same age as my brother) he wanted to make friends hahaha he even asked for my e-mail address LOL
and yes it was boring hehe and the 3 hour long seminar made me hungry too

So we went to eat at The Old Spaghetti House

my Chicken Picatta with Garlic Spaghetti

Classic Lasagna

Golden Crusted Chicken Ham and Cheese Crepe with Angel hair Pomodoro

Grandma's Fried Chicken

and for dessert
we had two orders of these hehe

Frozen Mud Pie, Funnel Cake & Chocolate Mousse

Also my Aunt ordered some Blueberry Cheesecake
it was so delicious and Im glad she gave it to me hahaha

Also the pictures from the Popteen inspired Photoshoot by F.O.B.tography are finally released

click for larger image

Oh yeah ~~ Remeber our PCs broken hehe
My awesome boyfriend came over and brought their laptop so i could update my blog
Yey~!! I Super Love You Mohammad Linear Camlian


amanda said...

ee i love the photos from the photoshoot. you look super cute! <3

Mickey said...

that is so cute.like the magazine.


Kura said...

The photos from the photoshoot look fabbb! :'D

And thanks for following back <3333

Silkybow said...

cool photoshoot and yummy food~

Phoebe R said...

ahhh old spaghetti house once again! its the middle of the night at hinahaunt ako ng food mo! :D i want!

Umi said...

Your pics just made me hungry. :(

Jessica said...

Yummy food!! :)
I could totally go for some funnel cake right now. haha

Kelly_konomi said...

hmmmm now.. i'm hungry!! wahahaha

and the popteen magazinne u made is just awesomely kawaii~~

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