XXXIX: Caramel

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Went to Laguna to visit some relatives
It was exciting for we have our grandmother with us
and well she haven't been able to go out in ages..

Went to their subdivision but no ones home
little did we know my grandmothers brother in law was hospitalized that morning
so while waiting for an Uncle (my mothers cousin) to pick us up
we bought some barbecue and hotdog from the store across

i super love the sauce ♥ ♥ and the barbecues are well cooked

The hospital was lovely although a bit creepy
~ especially at the basement parking hehe
wasnt able to take a picture of the hospital though

but heres how the corridors are like

my Aunt took this picture wishing she'll capture some spirits or ghosts haha

My Aunt Louie, then my grandmothers sisters ~ Mayumi & Eli and then theres my beautiful grandmother

we were asked to go outside for the doctor is inserting some tubes on the patients nose
ack the pain

We didnt stayed long for Manila is kinda far from Laguna

remeber when i said the hospitals creepy ~~

look at the elevator haha

the street to the hospital

We then went to SM mall of Asia for Cinnabon
we didnt noticed the one at SLEX so MOA we go
its also my grandmothers first time going here hehe

so tempting ♥ ♥

my minibon & a caramel dip ~ i like mine extra sweet hehe

my strawberry drink

a group picture without Tita Josy

and the ice skating rink below

ah I miss ice skating hehe


jellytelly_ri-chan said...

gosh the food photos are tempting!!! LOL your aunt is cute to try taking ghost photos hahahaa... =DDD

v a m p i r e said...

Jessica ♥

lucky u did not capture any ghost in the photo lol but i do see a Kawaii princess in it :)

your grandma reminds me of my late Grandma , gosh i miss her so much

so i hope you will spend as much time as you can with your family , because i regret i did not do so , now i cant turn back time

and hey You're moving to Canada , how cool is that :) i am so excited for you

hugs and love


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