XXXVIII: Sizzling Seafoods

Our PC wont start huhu
So Im renting a pc for the meantime
i cant seem to update my blog through cellphone

Anyway I went to a photo-shoot last August 28
luckily my foot was okay then

find me :P

a picture while at the studio

Another thing i was looking forward for besides the said photo-shoot, was the fact that it was near SM Megamall
and whats so special about this mall??
no other than the Food Court
haha cause my favorite squid dish could be bought in this place :P

My favorite here is the Sizzling Seafoods

I so love their Squid
it comes with a miso soup & a cup of rice
and you get all this for only 110php or $2.4

A fact about Philippine malls is that they check your bag before you enter the mall
Weird? but its all for safety reasons
there were times when bombing/ terrorism happened in malls so....

Anyway when i handed out my bag for checking.. the security guard was smiling at me while saying how pretty I was... wahahahaha

Anyway after eating I went Kawaii Hunting

I got a Panda notebook

some kokeshi doll pens

food erasers

and a sleep mask

We also went to the Toy Store yay

these bread thingies smells so good, like vanilla it made me hungry haha

these shoes are new btw~! bought it on the same day hehe

and here are some of the dolls that i want ♥ ♥

yes i also love weird stuffs hehe

from one piece

guitar hero

Majinboo ♥

I then went to search for a blusher
but ended up getting two eye shadows and a nail polish from the Korean brand Elianto

Parrot Green

Venetian Red

Alice Blue

before going home we stopped by Bubble Tea
for some hot tea and oreo cheesecake

my Jasmine tea ~ it wasn't hot but warm hehe

Oreo Cheesecake ~ yes it was yummy!!

So that ends the FUN day..

1 comment:

Nic Nic said...

everything is so cute. love yout outfit and odango hair!!

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