XXXVII: Vanilla Almond

New ice cream flavor from Selecta
Its Vanilla with Almond bits and twirls of Caramel
this would definitely satiate your sweet desires
I cant stop eating after my first taste
Although I think it'll be better if they lessen the caramel
its err too sweet that I had minor sore throat after hehe

Im running out of things to blog about
Cant get out of the house nor stand for too long haha
thats because of my swollen foot LOL
i stepped on a bee Monday night ~ poor bee
thankfully Its getting better now

My dad said hell buy me some shoes tomorrow
i just hope its not one of his silly jokes

Anyway heres some pictures of Chubby on diapers
diapy? or dipey? haha

**got a really really big bed for Chubby and I hahahaha


kayla marie said...

love your blog.
visit my blog and let me know what you think, follow if you like :)

Annie♥ said...

funny blog! you are so cute! thanks a lot for leaving a comment :) I really appreciate it!
much love

Anonymous said...

OHHH god it's not good looking at ice cream after a full meal! LOL.

Silkybow said...

your dog is really cuteee.

Kristie said...

aww the dog is super cute!

amanda said...

eee i hope your foot gets better soon <3

v a m p i r e said...

i want someeeee , gimme gimme lol

Joanna said...

awww your dog is so cuuuuteeee! ^__^

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