LXV: Christmas 2010 + Blackmail worthy picture

Hey everyone
Did you enjoyed Christmas?

Hope you had fun like I did..
Anyway, I told you I made some Cheesecake last Christmas Eve ~ right?
So here are some pictures..

The Cheesecake was actually a request from the neighbor
Then my Mom just told me to make another one for us~~

We celebrated Christmas Eve at the neighbors house
as theyre also having an advance Birthday celebration there
Lasagna (Mom made this) , my Cheesecake, Rice, some Filipino Foods ~ Nilaga, Pancit and Sisig!

We also had a Karaoke party
I didnt sing! as I've got a really embarrassing singing voice
but it was fun watching my Mom sing and dance
too bad I didnt take a video LOL

But what made me really happy
Was the fact that everyone liked the Cheesecake I made teehee

the guests were asking what store they bought it 
someone even said it was perfect and how its even better than the cheesecakes from this or that store
Although they wouldn't believe that I made the Cheesecake.. why?

One of the guest asked if I was an HRM student (hotel and restaurant management)
So my Mom and our neighbor told her I used to study Physiotherapy
and they were like
"You have to study Physiotherapy to be able to make yummy Cheesecakes"

They actually wanted to pay me for the Cheesecake
but I really find Cooking and Baking FUN!
that I dont really mind getting paid for doing those
just give me the ingredients and Ill make you something

And yeah~
We gave them some DVDs as gift
and look at what I wrote on the card

Now time to show you some of the things I got 

Chocolates from the owner of the house were renting

Perfume from our neighbor

Socks, Leg Warmer & Hair Bands from my cousin Hayley

Scarf, Boots & Mittens from my Aunt (fathers cousin)

Some differences with the pictures
as I always use different cameras

Oh yeah ~~
My Mom was talking to a friend that night
and they were talking about their families so my Mom showed her some old pictures
and surprisingly
I saw this ugly picture of me from my high school days

cousin Yuji, Me XD, Karen, Dilan & Je-an

This was taken sometime in 2004
junior year
those were the days when i think make-up is disgusting
Dresses and girly clothes arent my type
and Skateboarding is <3

Things surely change!

Christmas Eve outfit
made an Usamimi headband out of some ribbon xD

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