LXIV: Meri Kurismasu + Hairdo: Bow

I was supposed to blog about this the other day
but I got so busy doing the groceries with my Mom
and catching some last day Sales~
no not clothes, but we got some baking utensils & a sewing machine

Anyway I went out looking like this
Hair and Make up ~~
someone is asking for a hair tutorial for this xD

I really love green and red eyeshadow! teehee
So Christmas-y

and OOTD
changed my top xD

Sadly I accidentally erased the pics from yesterday
(outfit, hair and make-up ~ which was Mori inspired)

all thats left are these ~ taken from DSi
when we got home

So much for that..
 Happy Christmas to all of you!
Im baking Cheesecakes for our Christmas Eve's feast later

** Some things from my wishlist**
-  falsies (i want to try)

Christmas last year

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