April 13, 2013

Second day at Tulum and I'm so glad we stayed at the city proper, so much food to try here. So many good restaurants of various cuisines could be found. 

For our breakfast we decided to give Le Bistro a try. Its a small French restaurant and I believe they make their own breads in house as well. Mmmmmhmmm


After the delicious breakfast we headed out for the Mayan Ruins in Tulum. It is way crowded and wayyyy hotter as compared to Coba. The ruins are also not as big BUT the ocean view makes it look so much nicer in the photographs.

Its also interesting how Coba and Tulum are not too far away yet their buildings and temples looks really different.

After going around the ruins we ventured out to the beach area of Tulum. The owner of the hotel were staying at pointed out some really great place to hang around at. Its funny how it seemed so close in the map where in reality we've been walking for more than an hour in the scorching weather and we weren't even halfway there.

So we had a pit stop at the Mezzanine, its such a nice cozy place to relax and hang out at. It was located high above by a cliff so it has a really nice view as well. 

Its funny, to think of it, I've had sushi (the worst Ive had to date), French food and now Thai food while at Mexico. haha! I kinda wanted to drop by Mc Donalds while at Playa del Carmen you know. I was curious if they'd have something different - like how we have rice, chicken and spaghetti in the Philippines.

I know, some of you mightve raised an eyebrow at me but this is how Id like to do it. We still go out for some Mexican - Spanish food. I just didnt blogged about it because I forgot to take photos because I was starving haha.  

Like that day we went to Coba, I think i had the best Spicy / Hot sauce / paste in my whole life! I finished the whole container !! The Chef came out to ask how we liked the food, now I realized how it must have been rude only complimenting that paste. But it was seriously good. He told me it was a combination of different peppers all roasted then combined together to turn it into a paste. Mmmm still craving for it up til now. Would be really good to eat with some siomai!

Anyhooo.. So back to Tulum...

I wasn't really hungry yet so we just ordered some satay and these crab-cream cheese dumplings and some cocktails - nothing fancy probably a pina colada a mojito and a margarita. Mexico have the best Margaritas, probably something to do with the triple shots of tequila on it. haha!

We still tried to look for that place the owner recommended but I gave up and somehow ended up at this hip place called the Papaya Playa Project. Its a really nice place for young people to stay at. They have live music and a really hippy, cool, carefree vibe. One day i would also love to have a beachfront resort / hotel and this is how I imagined it to be. Didn't take much pictures.. But we had some more drinks and a vodka cheesecake (I got inspired to try and make lambanog cheesecakes!)

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