Cranberry Festival 2013

I really enjoy day trips to Fort Langley. If it was only that convenient I would rather choose to live here than in Vancouver. On one of our visits to the Fort Langley National Historic, I saw this poster about the Cranberry Festival. Since I've always wanted to go to events and escape monotony, I dragged Jewon with me.

For a small town, it was surprising how much people drove out for the event. Farmers Market is another thing I like about BC. Although I must admit that I hate crowds, I do enjoy people-watching from the distance. And looking through the booths and random items is something that interests me. Of course its a great time to sample different kinds of food as well right? (I think I ate the most mini donuts Ive ever had in my life!! mmm soooo good) And for the first time! I drank an apple cider!

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Maria Elisa said...

such a great post :)

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