Mexico Day 4 (Boat Tour and around Tulum)

April 11, 2013

Day 4 - Boat Tour and around Tulum

Here I am again writing about my Mexico trip. Day 4 was basically about heading off to a smaller town called Tulum. An employee of the hotel we stayed at recommended that we take a boat tour/bird watching before we leave. Im not much of a photographer so almost all the pictures I took were blurry.

So we checked out from our previous hotel and headed off for the small town of Tulum. Here we stayed at a boutique hotel right in the town pueblo just a few minute walk from the main restaurant strip in Tulum. I found this place through Trip Advisor. It was so hard to find an affordable hotel with a private wash room that was beach front so I decided okay we'll stay in town. 

The hotel is small and only had about ten rooms? We were the only ones staying in the second floor which I loved! We got our private balcony with a hammock where we like to hang out during the night and watch Netflix. LOL! They also provide free hot/cold mineral water, coffee and tea and provided us with a map of the area, recommended good restaurants and told us how to commute (weve been taking the cab / a private car service before)

We took a stroll around, got fascinated by this sugar cane juice cart. Mmmm it was sooooo refreshing. I got attracted to a garden looking restaurant called Abuela's and decided to have afternoon snacks here. Best chips Ive had in Mexico!!! and Im loving the 2 for price of 1 / 3 for price of 1 drinks. :D

For dinner we went to La Gloria de Don Pepe. The paella was soooooo good!! Only thing I dont like about them, people here weren't friendly. IDK reviews over the internet says "friendly service" I dont agree though.

oh and here's a farewell complimentary dessert from the staff of the Fairmont Mayakoba.
They're so nice! 

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| miss rhea | said...

your blog is SO DAMN CUTEEEE omggg its really cute! <3

Jane said...

this makes me get away so badly! sorry to hear that you didn't get friendly service! boo! and sugar cane juice cart. omg! that must've sent your sweet tooth to heaven!

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Such a lovely post!
So many cool pics too!

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