Mexico Part 2 (Fairmont Mayakoba)

April 9, 2013

Day 2 - Serenity

This is what I woke up to. Sunlight - ah I haven't seen you in a while. One of the things I was excited for that morning aside from the sunlight and the beach was the food. Yep, who doesn't love breakfast buffets?
So I hurriedly went to the washroom to wash up and boo!

Gotta love the sunlight while taking a shower. This would definitely be my dream washroom..


The time I got a DSLR and broke my point and shoot, odd as it sounds but I stopped taking as much pictures. Now its a regret.

this doesn't look appetizing but that white bread (that resembles a pineapple bun) is absolutely amazing! My favorite part of every breakfast buffet is the omelette station! nom nom nom

We head back to our room and surprise! our room was cleaned and we got this lovely card with a painting of this bird, facts about it and weather forecasts for the next day...

OOTD picture time. Hi ya!

Did I ever tell you about the golf carts that roams around the resort? They are the means of transportation around. The beach is kinda far, and I never tried walking to there.

infinity pool by the beach

Its just sad that the sea isn't calm during my stay at Mexico. They put up these warning flags along the shore, it was always red (dangerous) while I was there. 

Since we cant really swim in the sea we decided to go back to the main pool (which was the biggest pool in the resort)  instead and ended up sleeping haha!

We woke up around 1pm? and decided to head out to 5th Avenue. People over the internet says this is a tourist trap. Its kinda like a flea market? streets are lined with shops, cafe's, art galleries, bars etc etc. I haven't done much research prior to the trip but we wanted to see where the people goes to... 

We also decided to have our late lunch / afternoon snack but the plenty restaurants and cafe around made it so hard to decide. I don't remember the name of the place we went to, for sure it was a Mexican restaurant.

The usual, wasn't able to take a pictures. heres one i grabbed from virtual tourist and trip advisor

Photos of 5th Avenue (Avenida 5), Playa del Carmen
This photo of 5th Avenue (Avenida 5) is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We checked out the public beach over this side and was shocked about all the junks and cigarette butts in the sand. So we decided to go head back to the resort.

It was already starting to get dark by the time we were back at our resorts beach. It was just the two of us which was nice but kind of creepy too. there's a lot of this bat looking birds flying around haha.!
We tried using up the film of our underwater camera but the waves were so strong so I ended up scraping my knee on the rocks. 
My boyfriend was funny! this is a side of him that I haven't seen before. He was so worried and even called for a life guard for first aid. haha! It was already late so there's no one watching the shores. He went to the nearest restaurant and asked for first aid so they had to call and radio for the first aid. When the life guard arrived my boyfriend was telling him not to use any latex on me or I might get an allergic reaction. :)

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heyhanee247 said...

Hi Jessica~ Lovely pictures you took! wow, I miss the beach! Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way =)I hope weather gets better soon! xo

Morgane ☆ said...

From your pictures this hotel looks perfect! Nice place, lovely attention and... breakfast buffet \o/
Also, the infinity pool *O*

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