CXIX : uhmmm

Today I was talking to a friend about love and relationship. Hmm anyway.. I havent visited in a looooong time. I aged a year, I lost a friend, my high school best friend told me that she was getting married next year. whew'

My last draft was supposed to be dedicated to a friend named Charmaine. She passed away three months ago.. I was quite shocked when I heard the news as days before she just recently made an Instagram account and liked some of my pictures..

And then there was my date with Chiui.. we always end up going for a foodtrip whenever were together.

nom nom nom..

and a GIF of me eating :)

then my birthday came, another haircut, changed station at work..  and my grandmother also came to Vancouver

just thought Id do a quick update.. sleepy -_- zZzZz

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Zeruda said...

glad to see you posting again <3

Wyn said...

Your blog seems to be right up my street! Love it, keep it up (especially the food pictures, lol, looks delish!)

Check mine out?

Wengie said...

your making me hungry...

xoxo Wengie

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