CXX : Seventh Year

My mom told me that people change every after 7 years. And by change, thats not a mere physical change. Spiritually we do too, we change souls, thus explaining a sudden change in an individuals personality. If it was the case then Ive changed my soul for the third time.. Lets see.. I still cant tolerate the smell of strong coffee and Im still as indecisive as before. blah blah blah

Im random like this.. 

These were taken the day I went to Capilano Bridge... again! Cant get enough of this place. Seriously I need to bring a photo buddy next time!

Really.. I need a friend, someone who like taking pictures and travelling, any volunteer?

PS: Im weird and I like taking pictures of myself. this is my attempt on doing a sexy.ish pose. and obviously I fail. My chubby cheeks and fat legs arent really suited for "sexy" sigh' thank you food. thank you work.

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1 comment:

Zeruda said...

I love taking pictures and travel :D Unfortunately I have no money or free time to do either DX

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