CXVII : Tanned

I don't know why I chose to wear orange.. I have always looked weird in orange and or in green

Anyway maybe about three weeks ago Mom took us to the beach.. I also bought a new camera lens for I find it hard to take pictures with the 50mm that i originally have.. So yeah I have this huge bag for my DSLR and another one for my instant camera and another one for the tripod. Geez such a photographer wanna be. I was expecting to take a lot of pictures but but the beach / water look soooooooo empty..its just ugh water, seaweed, more seaweed

IDK I probably was just used to the beautiful white sanded beaches in the tropical island of the Philippines. But nonetheless I enjoyed looking at the big houses around~ One day I say...

While Jessica was setting up the tripod... a man came and since Jessica and her tripod was on the way the guy was waiting at the side... 
*moves stuffs*

Me : You can go ^^
Stranger : Thank you. Anyeong Haseyo
Me : *wondering if I heard it right* ????
Stranger : Youre Korean right? Anyeong Haseyo
Me : Oh sorry, Im not Korean but Anyeong Haseyo to you too~

And.. I always just gotta take a picture of a stranger or something~~

its a little blurry but that was a picture of someone trying to fly a kite..

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Anonymous said...

that place looks wonderful! where is it? i'd really like to go swimming there :'33
♥ ♥

Jess Molina said...

I like how your photos are treated! Awesome blog x

makeITpink said...

I love your photos. =) I don't know what you're talking about, but your outfit is adorable.

Hilary said...

Aww. Haha I don't think I have any orange clothes. But I do like green! Then again I don't really have many green clothes either haha.
Wow that must be heavy! ._. Sometimes I'm too lazy to even carry my DSLR. xD Cute photos!

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