CXVI : Gelato and Boredom

Two things that don't go well together..

Those who had been following me on instagram must have seen this picture a looooong time ago. Told you I have been procrastinating. Hmm I kind of did a mini photoshoot months ago after cleaning my room. I have tons of clothes that I dont even use including this romper so I was thinking of having a blog sale.. should I? 

Changing the topic.. 

The winner of the 2012 Florence Italy Gelato Festival.. both Technical Jury and Peoples Choice first placer is just outside below LOL i dont even know how to describe it. Theres always a loooooooooooooong line here so I felt bad for people waiting if I was going to take pictures...

this is probably my uhm.. tenth time at Bella Gelateria so I already know what I want.. Yuzu Sorbet and the Sea Salt Caramel.. bliss~ 

And you know.. something cool had happened.. James Coleridge aka Vancouver's father of Gelato and owner of the said store, the one who won on that Gelato festival competition.. Introduced himself and even asked for my name..

It happened last Saturday? or was it Friday? .. anyways they were defrosting their freezers and as neighbours, we shared our freezer with them (in case you werent aware I work in the Pastry department of a hotel) so yeah I was working when James (or should it be Chef James?) came to take his gelato back. This wasnt the first time though, they already borrowed our freezers a couple of times but Im too shy to start a conversation. He would just smile at me and say thank you but that day after the usual thank you.. he introduced himself and asked for my name @__@ waaa... then I learned about how one of my favorite gelato flavor would be his next entry for an upcoming gelato competition this September. He even told me to come over to have a taste...

sooo cool.. but I still feel so shy~ Do I go like, Hi James do you remember me? Im here to collect my ice cream.. hahaha! that sounds sooo weird

and see more of my weirdness.. most of the times i would take random pictures, without looking at the screen, shots from the hip (lomography rule #4) ;) 

see the tip of my purple running shoes? ^^

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makeITpink said...

If you have a blog sale... You can count me in as a customer!

Anonymous said...

I love gelato! =)

T. A. Soekmadyanto said...

ooh your gelato looks so yummy! <333

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