CVIII: This and That - A Photo Spam

I love this neighbourhood!! Mowed lawns and landscaped yards... ahhh
and thats where I live - first house on bottom pic
Some pictures that I took during the Multi-Cultural Day Parade
I mean... Canada Day
Us VS Dimsum. Dimsum won
Relaxing no-make-up day with the boyfie.
Afternoon Nap and Wii after.
Good Morning note from work
I am so changing my lightbulb
x-x too yellowy

Dinner time to celebrate a family friend's birthday
LOL and yet I was the one to receive a gift from the birthday girl
Hello acoustic guitar
So Guu (Izakaya) was open for lunch
Grilled Mackerel , Rice, Miso Soup & Yuzu Mojito nommm

Wore a Dip Hem Dress (or whatever you call it)
and had 3 ladies approach me to say how pretty I look in my dress
I like buying plain stuffs like this diffuser from The Body Shop
that way I was able to do something when I felt like being creative
Friendless. Loner yes thats me
Bubble Tea = Taro!!!
Do you think its awkward eating out by yourself?

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1 comment:

Cin said...

Wow, your neighborhood looks really nice! I've never eaten alone before, but I did go to the movies alone once because my friend had bailed out on me at the last minute. Though I think eating alone would be a bit more awkward for me, going to the movies was just as awkward for me as well >w<

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