CVIX : I need Intervention : Recent Hauls

I think Im turning Shopaholic, better than becoming an alcoholic. IDK sometimes I worry too much because of work. I often feel so frustrated, stressed.. but I love my work. its just sometimes I feel frustrated with myself I feel like Im still too slow, but my co workers are often telling me it comes with time but still there are way too much stuffs that needs to be done and i just dont have the time to finish them all..

Aish. nuff ranting.. hahaha who'd have thought eh? But yeah welcome to the frustrating world of Culinary and busy days..

Anyway yeah I think I need some intervention. Seems like I found cure in retail therapy but I gotta stop spending and start saving up.

white dress from Zara
3 hoodies for my boyfriend - H&M , Urban Outfitters and one from an Asian Clothing store
a few underwear from La Senza
brown faux leather bag from Zara
2 photography books (snappshots & instant love) both from Urban Outfitters
Hand Soaps, Body Scrub and a Candle from Fruits and Passion
Strawberry Body Butter and Body Mist from The Body Shop
Some Korean products: Egg White Pore Mask from skinfood
Lemon Baviphat Whitening Sleeping Mask
Etude house Precious Mineral BB Cream & 10 I need you masks
(the seller gave me one more free and some samples)
Laneige sebum control primer
Miffy notebook & some pens (w/c wasnt on the pic) from a Korean gift shop
2 sunglasses from Night Market
5" wedges (keep scrolling for a pic)
pink dress and white blouse from Vivi (Asian fashion clothing store in metrotown)
Black Mini skirt from JNBY
diffuser from the body Shop (I decorated it with some thread and dried flowers)
The difuser from the pic above, 2 body wash, bronzer and an eyebrow liner (w/c wasnt on the pic) all from the Body Shop
3 tops from Zara
Sandals and the orange-blue top from Urban Outfitters
Blue shorts from banana Republic
ignore first pic XD thats some of the things I do at work

thats the 5" wedges from Aldo from the past haul and the sandals from the day before
This day i got a platform.ish sneakers and that dino shirt from topshop
and the rest are from H&M
I didnt took a picture but I bought a lipstick a white eyeliner and a peach colored nail polish from topshop as well
first two both from Brandy&Melville
shorts and bikini from Roxy though I dont really know what i will use the bikini for
again ignore the last pic haha (took some of these pics from my project 365 blog so...)
first two (top) from an Asian clothing store
pink and black tops (left) from winners
2nd pic on the right is from JNBY
and the dress from H&M

instax bag for my fujifilm instax
bow clip and sharpie from a Korean giftshop
I also got some free samples of Contact lenses from the doctor
Does this count? but yeah I bought a couple of plants for my room
and Ive been buying flowers weekly ><"
didnt took photos of the other flowers but yeah

I also bought some bedsheets, pillowcases, towels and a duvet cover
lotssss of food / groceries that werent necessary
I bought another diffuser

and just yesterday
make-up remover
room spray, glass and countertop cleaner
I also bought some foot scrub for my boyfriend
Bought too much stuffs that I didnt really need.. Now I have wayy too much clothes so Im thinking about selling some of them online.. I dont know though if people would buy...

Ugh paycheck.. I hate and love you. XD

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Renee Jacobe said...

Such a cute notebook! I have a thing for notebooks with great front covers. So cute! I was supposed to follow you but I can't seem to. I keep getting a gateway error. :|

xx Renee

Rinny said...

Great haul! I love the cute stationary things you got!

And don't stress so much - I'm sure you're not slow at work, your workload has probably just increased lately :)

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