CX : First of Summer

Drive me away
cause the night just feels right
take me away with you tonight
anywhere with you
- Urbandub

When it comes to pasta, I prefer white cream sauce based more than a tomato based (just had a bad experience with tomato soup before) and I also ordered for some Garlic Bread (though i still prefer the garlic bread that i used to make as a kid)

Serving was huuuuge so i wasnt able to finish mine. But taste.wise they had the best alfredo sauce I've tasted in BC so far.

It was nice and sunny so there are a lot of people sun bathing, swimming and camping.. 

See the pic on the bottom left? These guys look so cool sitting on the rock cant help it so I took their picture. I kept one and I gave them another copy~ it was fun and awkward talking to strangers haha! But they were happy about the picture.. they even said thank you 3x

Met traffic on the way back.. hehe we went to Metrotown

OOTD .. took a picture while my boyfriend was in the fitting room.. hello genu valgum~! my legs look sooo scary with these knock knees.

so yeah we went to see Brave after..

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Hilary said...

The food looks so good! I like white cream sauce pasta as well. :D Cute photos! :)

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