CVII : My Sister's Graudation OOTD + FOTD

Is it funny if I say that the following pictures were taken by a tripod and the self-timer. Cause yeah nobody to take my picture on a day that I was so dolled up. So Jessica took a trip to the park with her tripod. LOL

 Anyhoo, before I talk about what I wore let me tell you something about this day~ June 26 .. My sister's graduation.

 Time does fly fast.. This September my baby sister will be in high school already.. No more baby in the house.

Even my brother is growing up so fast.. He's even taller than my Mom now. And yes thats right, Thats my Mom. She look so young (and short) doesnt she? Haha. She really prepared for this day. I mean, she even asked the daughter of her friend to put make-up on her. And! She even bought false eyelashes the day before (And guess what, she bought the Dollywink eyelashes, the cream eyeshadow and the liquid eyeliner too) hahaha! Also she uses Missha BB Cream as well XD

And this is how I look like that day.. My bangs has gotten really long, I think I wont get anymore haircuts and grow my hair again.. I miss my long and curly hair. 

Oh yeah I started using Laneige Sebum Control Primer and Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #3. I finally found a primer that works!! Also I really really really like the smell~
About the BB Cream, I first tried Missha's Perfect Cover in #23 but I didnt really like how pale it made me look. So i switched to Skin Food's Aloe BB Cream and later on tried the Mushroom BB Cream. I like the Aloe more but even the no. 2 is too light for my skin. So I decided to give Etude House's BB cream a try since they have a darker shade. Smell was sooo nice and the color matched my skin tone really well. The only thing I dislike about the BB Cream is that it kinda feels sticky, but still I think I wont be using my other BB creams anymore.

I dont wear as much make-up as I used to when i was younger. Prolly out of laziness hahaha. When i go to work, I wear zero make-up! I work in a kitchen anyway so I dont really have a reason to wear some. When I do its just BB Cream + eyebrow liner + lip gloss and if Im not that lazy (like this day) Id put some liquid eyeliner~~

Now this is my sister's graduation dress. I discovered this Chinese boutique (JNBY) and saw some nice dresses, i showed my Mom and my sister and she liked that one the most.. It was also 80% off the original price, so we only paid $100. Still expensive haha.. but it was super nice (and it fits me too LOL *planning to steal it* hahaha)

I really love this picture of my siblings. They just look sooo cute

My family's OOTD.. haha I kind of styled my brother. I introduced the brand JNBY (the Chinese boutique) to my family and we took my brother shopping there. And Mom bought him Toms shoes to complete his new look LOL. And I brought my Mom to some Asian clothing stores where she got the dress hehe.

Now for my OOTD.. 

Sorry for looking soooo awkward hahaha..So I was wearing a pink chiffon dress from an Asian Clothing store called ViVi (they sell Japanese fashion inspired clothes and obviously most from the Vivi magazine) This is also one of the rare times where I chose to wear a necklace (it has a heart shaped pendant *see my picture with my brother up there ^ for a closer look) from Forever 21. My cream colored tights also has heart patterns (also from Forever 21) The bag and my 5" wedges are both from Aldo. :)

 I'll finish this post with a family picture.. ^___^

Til next post~~!


Zeruda said...

Aw, what a cute family ♥ I love your sister dress as well ^^ And you look so much like your mom! ^^

Hilary said...

Aw cute photos. :D And wow your mum looks really young! O:

Melody said...

Aww what a pretty family !!

Jessica said...

thanks Zeruda :)

Jessica said...

Hehe she sure does hehe.. thanks ^^

Jessica said...

Thank you Melody~

Teacup said...

I like the outfit! Lovely family pics as well~
(Yes, I did like the prize (: Thank you again!)

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