CI : In the Mountain with my 4" Heels

If you remember last year I did the Tourism challenge with my Mom and 2 of her friends [click] Well this year, I finally got to have my own passport and i kind of promised my boyfriend to take him with me. XD Luckily we both got Tuesday off. 

So basically we get this little booklet passport thingy with a list of participating attractions and hotels around BC. What we have to do is visit these attractions (sometimes they give out questions to answer) then youll get a stamp. For more info about the tourism challenge -- [click]

My boyfriend picked me up at around 12 noon, He couldn't get up any earlier as he finished work at 1:30am the previous day :/ . So anyhoo we drove all the way to Amato Gelato Cafe... to park LOL. Science World was just a few minute walk away and its also part of the Challenge so we decided to go there first.

I didn't get to take much pictures as I was having too much fun being a kid again :)) So after answering the questions and getting the stamp we head back to his car. Not really its his twin brother's car XD And since it's hard to go around Downtown with a car we decided to go North. 

my boyfriend 제원
Crossing the Lions Gate Bridge
So after a few minutes drive and him teasing me about not knowing how to give directions properly :)) We finally arrived at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We walked around, took some pictures and answered the questions to get a stamp. It was a challenge walking in 4" heels haha.

I have more pictures both from my phone and my camera but I dont want to drown you in pictures as the tour doesn't end in here. so after answering "Whos the current owner of the Capilano Suspension bridge" and "Who is the famous artist featured in the Forest exhibit" with Nancy Stibbard and Emily Carr, we went back to the car and headed further North to Grouse Mountain.

Remember my previous trip to Grouse Mountain during fall of year 2010 [click] . It was weird how everyone in the gondola lift was in their ski and snowboarding outfits whilst Jewon was wearing a sleeveless jacket and shorts and Im wearing a 4" heels hahaha. We just went up to get the stamp and ate at the restaurant since we couldn't really walk around in the snow with our outfits. 

our tickets~
see the snow? XD and LOL at my face :P 
I only have the 50mm lens so its pretty tough to take pictures sometimes so I tend to use my phone alternately~~

The view from the restaurant~
After the meal we rode the Gondola down the mountain and went back to Downtown, Vancouver and unfortunately we met traffic on the way back. Jewon wanted to get a new phone so we went to Rogers (his phone provider) I think we waited for almost an hour because all the sales people were busy talking to customers that are so indecisive XD. He was originally planning to get an iphone but he settled with that huuuuggee Samsung phone (i dont know the model, didnt bother since it isnt mine anyway haha)

Anyhoo we then went to the Art Gallery for another stamp. No pictures were allowed but even if you could take pictures I doubt that I would. Dont get me wrong.. I love Art! (theres a point in my life when my major was Fine Arts) but seriously I was disappointed with this gallery. I like Paintings and going to Galleries but with this one... lets just say that nothing really caught my attention.

Since we didnt had enough time, thanks to that long wait at the phone store.. we had to cancel the Vancouver Lookout and just went to Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for the next stamp.

It was a fun day.. Ive always wanted to go on a date this way.. like on a roadtrip kind of thing XD So on the next trip we plan on going to the Greater Vancouver Zoo which is about an hour or 2 away from where I live :P ho ho or maybe were gonna take the Whistler day tour~ *finger crossed*

my favorite pic from that day~~


M.W. said...

seems like you had a good time! are you korean?
awesome blog

checkout my giveaway!

THT Christina said...

Oh how fun! My mum has the passport too! *fellow Vancouverite here~* Well I followed your blog after seeing your comment, so will be reading up on your blog too ^^

Jessica said...

I sure did :) thanks and no no.. My boyfriend's korean but not me hehe. Ill go check out your blog ^^

Jessica said...

Uwaa really?!
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* sorry I get so excited whenever I meet a blogger who lives in the same city ~ :) thank you!!

lizchewy said...

Looks like so much fun!! And I am so impressed you managed to go to so many places in 4 inch heels.
You and your boyfriend looks super cute in the last picture!!


lizchewy said...

And my oven is the even sadder kind that plugs into the wall TT^TT I miss having a proper oven. Thanks for your tip!!

Nana said...

Wow! : D It is so fun to go on a trip~~~ Hehehe! You are so impressive!

Jessica said...

Haha I wasnt expecting to go outdoors thats why I wore my heels kkk.. NP and thank you :)

Jessica said...

It is :) Thanks~ ^^

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