C : Sakura~

Honestly Ive lost all my enthusiasm with blogging.. tch 
(sorry korean expressions are so contagious hehe)
There are times though when I feel like writing something, like today.. 
but then, I always end up staring at the screen and that blinking vertical line :P

Im done at school, yay! more time to sleep also time to lose all the fat I've gained :))
pretty pretty Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
Anyway since it was my day off yesterday and Jewon's gonna be starting work soon. 
We went out <3

So he came to pick me up at around 12pm
not really to pick me up, more of because he wanted to see my room.. 
I dont know why but he seem to find it amusing to see my room messy
and to his surprise my room was super clean not to mention almost empty too (moving house soon) >:D

He was craving for some okonimiyaki or takoyaki so we went to Downtown..
Stopped by at school for a bit and had a nice chat with our former Chef instructor, Chef Ben.

Then went to check out the honors list and was quite surprised to see our names in the list.

LOL for being on the deans list and boo to my boyfriend for being on the presidents list when he havebnt even completed the assignments haha!

We then went to Ebisu for lunch. Too bad they only serve takoyaki for dinner.. I didnt bother taking food photo this time since Ive been to ebisu a couple of times already so...

I had ice cream crepe after meal of course, at a Japanese grocery along robson. Then we went to English Bay and sat for a while.

As expected it was packed with people savoring the rare sunshine here in Raincity XD my 2 years of stay here still havent changed the way I look at OPDA (obsessive public display of affection..acronym that i just made up ho ho.) eeeeee :/

Anyway.. Jewon suddenly said that he wanted to watch a movie so after a few minutes we started walking, he originally wanted to walk all the way to Chinatown. Pleeeeaaaaseee have mercy TT

So we went to the International Village / Tinseltown in Chinatown. It has some stores, Art galleries, a food court and a movie theatre. Its a really small place but we both like going here. When other malls are packed this is pretty empty. Jewon and I are so similar in some ways. We often have the same thoughts. He said "This is good, or not. Or does this means youre being tainted by me" hehe

Another thing I like about him is that he wouldnt force me to make decisions. Though he would give me the options, id still make him make the final decision when i really really cant make up my mind.

Before the movie we had some bubble tea and there he goes again with his attempt of taking pictures together and of me, which I find to be really awkward now.

After the last picture, he always try to scoot behind me so our face would be the same size. He thinks his head is too big. I think my head is too small for my body, its so unproportioned xD

Anyway after the movie (we watched Lorax btw) we ended up at this park nearby and took pictures of the sakura~ including the first picture

We went back to Tinseltown and went to Daiso / Yoko Yaya and again he bought a lot of stuffs including some massaging tool to give tou that v shape face which made me say "koreans are really vain" (not trying to be offending.. was just making fun of my boyfriend)

So after we headed to Churchs chicken for some fast food. And I think this is the first time we ever ate fast food.. Haha

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