XCIX: Project 365 (366) - Fail!

I signed up for tumblr to start this "Project 365" , which unfortunately I havent updated for weeks..
Anyway since my 365  page was a failure already and this blog is almost dying...
Ill just use this blog for the Project 365 + 1
For the meantime heres what happened from the very first day of January (copied from my tumblr page)~~

Day 1 - at work
Day 2 - First day of class..
Went to school really early to get a decent locker (like 7hrs-before-my-class early)
Breakfast at Acacia Fillo Bar
So My boyfriend bought me another shoes.
Our neighbor went to the Philippines for Christmas and she got me some bracelets for my “pasalubong”
** oh and notice how jessica’s face looks so small but her hands are abnormally too long ><

Day 03
So graduating students have to work at our school’s restaurant (for one subject). Still not open for service but we have to be there to make recipe’s and try em out.
See? Sun was still sleeping when I left the house~
2 dishes on the right were prepared by my group (that’s Grilled Porkchops w Caramelized Apples and Chicken Breast w Capers, Olives and Basil)
**actually I think I wasnt any help at all.. I made the caramelized apples. Blanched some beets and cut em and that was it :/

Day 04
Shoyu Ramen for lunch..
took pictures with Jewon while waiting for our Externship class
and made an animated gif (i love photography apps!!)

another dilemma ~ I dont know whether I should do it at my workplace (at the hotel) or at Chef Jason’s >
**I should start eating less and buy a new notebook for my goals…

Day 05
Hmm that was weird
I thought I posted something already it even appeared on my twitter but unfortunately it says url not found and it wont appear on my posts..
So anyway I was waiting for the train at around six in the morning
Went to check my schedule at work (third pic.. Thats work)
Went to school for my lunch shift at the schools restaurant. Will be working as the entremetier (vegetables) until next week I think.
Discovered a Takoyaki vendor on the streets (so far this is the best takoyaki ive had in vancouver). Vietnamese food after, my fortune cookie had 3 paper
- today is a good time to take some extra relaxation
- be patient, good things come to people who wait
- you will bring sunshine to someone’s life

Day 06
Today is when my 2 month long psychotherapy starts.. And NO! I am not crazy ㅋㅋ
Late housewarming gift for my boyfriend (lucky bamboo)
Went to Arcade and finally got the 3000 ticket worth Domo (and since we were so good that we won a thousand today we got an extra chococat)
Decided to get my sister chocolates for her birthday (not on the pic though). Got more chocolates for my brother and Notebook for myself.
Had to start doing my dream and goal book thing again ^^
I need motivation especially around this time~
Like what my boyfriend said earlier. Fighting~!

Day 07
Was really tired yesterday that I forgot to post this one..
Went to work~ staff meal doesnt really look that appetizing eh?
I had my externship paper signed.. Unfortunately its dead next week so I wont be doing my externship until the week after. Id be on banquets, the hotels restaurant and prolly help out with the staff meal and garde manger..
But next week Id be at Chef Jason’s restaurant in West Van.. Yay!
This is gonna be fun (finger crossed)

Day 08
Lazy Sunday..
no work, woke up late, watched a Filipino movie called The Promise (Richard Guitierrez why u so good looking?)
Haha went to the grocery after.. Shared a sandwich with my brother. Bought my new favorite chocolate and took a picture of me (half faced covered haha)

Day 09
Super late post :p
Cut myself nothing serious it didnt even bleed. But since I cant wear band aids (allergy) and I had to cut some chili peppers see how it got worse? ㅋㅋ

Day 10
Another early morning class.. Forgot my phone so I wasnt able to take a picture of the dish we made for our schools restaurant.
The day before Chef Ben told us to change the mussels and clams dish so Mike and I (as were both in the entremetier station) came up with Thai Green Curry Mussels.
Some of my classmates took a picture but I have to wait until they post it in fb.
So anyhoo since I didnt have a phone or a camera I told my boyfriend to send me a picture of him.. Haha so there. Domo and my Jewon ^^

Day 11
Went to school for my interview with our school’s career advisor. Submitted some assignments for externship class. Ate korean food with Jewon~ and bought a domo phone charm ^^

Day 12
Jewon’s interview time so I went to school earlier. Since we had almost 4hrs before class starts we had ice cream at Mario’s Gelati factory (at main street) FYI we walked all the way to that place haha!
We kind of spied at another Culinary School.. Id love to go to their school TT so much stuffs to do and their restaurant looks way fancier than ours.
Speaking of restaurant it was my first dinner shift at our school’s and Im glad somebody ordered for my mussel and clam dish hehe ^^ also made some chutney today~

Day 13
Dine out Vancouver event in 7 days. Helped out at Beachside Forno restaurant. I had fun, Chef Jason was so nice and patient, and staff meal was really really yummy.
Too tired to type more so.. Goodnight!
Its raining ice outside :p

Day 14
Work time..
Super early shift (7:30am)
Cutting veggies almost the whole morning (practicing knife skills xD)
I tried to make staff food look more appetizing today hehe
The flavor bible- its like everyone I know have this book
And 김치볶음밥 for dinner

Day 15
Lomography rule: Shoot from the hip
Amazing how I get more interesting shots by doing so ;)
Oh and it finally snowed in Vancouver, it didnt snowed last December, were having a late winter…

Day 16
A la Carte class again.
Done with entremet station, now Im at Garde Manger (still veggies xD)
so Im doing salads, that one is a beet salad. It goes with some arugula in balsamic vinegar, more beets, goat cheese, beet chips and prosciutto
I personally dont like beets but theres always people ordering for this..
Had tempura udon for dinner. Craving for something hot on this snowy day..

Day 17
It doesnt hurt to take / post a selca sometimes wouldnt it? :D
Helped prepped for Garde Manger but had to leave after 3hrs (for doctors appointment). Went to work to talk to Chef Murray about my externship.
Went back to school for Jewon, ate at Damso for dinner.. Ive been told a lot to go to this place. Its a Korean restaurant owned by someone who used to work at the hotel I work at.
Bibimbap ^^

Day 18
Thats my name.. In Korean.
Snow on my first externship day. I had so much fun!!! So much to say but I think its better to post it on my food blog.
Day 19
Woke up early for my EMDR. Waited for Jewon at the train station and went to school together. Submitted some assignments and ate lunch.
It was such a cold day so we went somewhere close. Joyeaux Cafe (or whichever way you spell it). its actually a Vietnamese place so we had some noodle soup-pho kind of thing. Usually the place is very quiet but today was so busy and all our food came out really quick. It was kinda embarassing to take food pictures as a lot of people are waiting for seats.
So all I have is the Deep Fried Banana w Vanilla Ice Cream. Been craving for deep fried banana, wish the banana was more firm and not mushy.

Day 20
Desserts at work
Busy day at work. Went to school after, talked to Karlo about project and Chef Mela fed me some Korean food from her Asian Cuisine class.
I wanted a new bag, but I ended up getting other stuffs cause of the tempting sale TT

Day 21
Dine Out Vancouver week ^^
will try to blog about this event real soon. So anyway I was doing desserts for the event..
Plated more than a hundred desserts whew~

Day 22
Plated more desserts for the Dine Out Vancouver again. Though its not as busy as Saturday’s.
I had fun. They made me do this special VIP dessert as well. The pictures not the final plate still lacking the coconut cream for pavlova and an ice cream ~

Day 23
Unfortunately I left my phone at home..
Was again at Pastry for A la Carte this time. It was fun, got to play with food for a bit hehe. Made some lemon japonaise.
Oh and tried Dine Out Vancouver~ this time not cooking for the event but actually eating food. Too bad I didnt have my phone or a camera.
So yeah.

Day 24
A la Carte class, working at the Pastry station today (all by myself) ㅜㅜ
Had to do a lot of stuffs so I wasnt ready for service, I also didnt know the menu well so :/
Anyway thats apple crumble and creme brulee that I made that day~

Day 25
We are to make a full course meal for our a la carte subject. My groupmates and I decided to make a Japanese-Mediteranean fusion food.
Since I like desserts the most I tried experimenting yesterday..
Matcha is way too common so heres a Genmaicha flavored Panna Cotta. Also instead of the usual gelatin, I used kanten (agar agar /seaweed gelatin)
(will post more on the food blog) :)

Day 26
Oops :| anyway… Last day for Streetfood Vancouver. Since our class starts at 3 my bf and I went to the event for lunch.
We were only able to try 2 foodcart cause of the line up and most of them were sold out already.

Day 27
Does this count?
Was looking through my childhood pics. Ta-da. Princess Jessica hahaha
I always dress in fancy dresses as a kid :p
Not sure but I think this was during my 3rd bday~

Day 28
My sister’s birthday ^^
bought her an ice cream cake~

Day 29
Project 365 fail, i mean 366.
Anyway celebrated my sisters bday. My mom cooked and we had visitors over.
My boyfriend dropped by in the morning (to give me a hug) before he went to his externship..

Day 30
Midterm week, we finished class early~
Dinner at Urban Grill went to H mart for 깻잎 and some Korean ice cream before going to Chapters for a book on gelato and sorbet :)

Day 31
After lunch service, dessert making i went to work to have my externship evaluation filled out.
Went back to school before going to a Taiwanese restaurant, we didnt know about the serving sizes (and we werent informed about it either) so yeah we had way too much food..
Went to Tinsel town (at Chinatown) to go to Yoko yaya (a japanese dollar store that sells mostly Daiso stuffs)
Spent about 2 hours in the food court talking about our menu project / writing silly stuffs at the same time hehe

Day 32
Wow its February already?! I know its a bit late but I spent the first of February with my bf.
Went to see him as early as 9am. Remember how we were talking about our menu project so we met today to try out some dishes. So after making a grocery list we went to Hmart (a korean grocery store, of course haha) since they dont carry basil and flour is heavy we went to the normal Canadian grocery..
He was doing all the cooking while I slept LOL he prepped a lot of stuffs that we would be bringing to school tomorrow. And then he woke me up for dinner.
Went to Sushi Bella to try an Italian-Japanese fusion food. The sushi pizza was really yummy :)

Day 33
Woke up with puffy eyes xD
Day 34
I saw Chef Arthur doing this~ i wanted to take a picture but the kitchen was busy and there was a lot of people.
Before going home i had to grab something from the dry storage and i saw this ta-da
 Day 35
Last 2 days of Dine Out. Did desserts, a little bit of appie and a little bit of prep on the side, cause were doing a new menu by monday, thats why…
And pictures are taken on my way hone, somehow i like pictures more when they are blurry… Agree? Or not :/

  Day 36
Checked out UO’s sale. Its my fave store btw…
Then went to TnT for some stuffs.

 Day 37
Made Brazo de Mercedes with Pauline today.. (and ice cream hehe)
 Day 38
My first taste on African cuisine. Too much food @_@ dont get me wrong, it was good!
At Simba with Jewon and Mark

 Day 39
Externship class at 6pm, Jewon told me to come over in the morning. So I did but in one condition… I need breakfast haha I wanted ham and cheese omelette hahaha :))

Day 40
Craving for Chinese food :3 went to Chinatown for dimsum with my Jewon~

Day 41
Indian Comfort Day at work well Im not really a big fan of Indian food (dont fancy spices) so I just had sandwich for dinner.
Day 42
After work I went to help in the kitchen at Oru. It was super busy but I already did a full shift that morning so I was pretty tired already. My brother wanted food so I went to Japadog to buy some Japanese hotdog. :)
 Day 43
Made some Matcha flavored cookies. No Food coloring used~

 Day 44
Finished the cheesecake at around 1:30am. My allergies are getting worse went to doctor before class.
 Day 45 
Whats so special about this day? Haha early morning shift at our schools restaurant.. Ate at Damso, a Korean restaurant. Had some ddokboki as suggested by Chef Jason (accdg to Jewon) it tastes soooo gooood ^^ After dinner we had some ice cream at Marbleslab where Jewon gave me the card. Haha I wasnt really expecting anything LOL

GIF app <3

 Day 46
I couldnt find my school-work IDs and carecard so I ended up cleaning my room almost the whole morning :/
Got this cake from Tita Claire, my Mom’s friend.

Day 47
Helped out at Oru before my afternoon class. Was only supposed to stay until 12pm but there was a lot to do so i stayed half an hour longer.
Worked at Pastry for the school’s restaurant. There was a function (25people) and Cef Ben was worried that it might be too much for me. If you remember I was doing pastry for Oru during the Dine Out event, when I was Plating hundreds of desserts so it wasnt hard at all hehe :p

Day 48
I know I havent been updating as often as before :/
Worked at oru in the morning~
**just a random picture of a rag haha

 Day 49
Dessert by Chef Arthur Chen ~

 Day 50
Tried making some Spinach-Miso-Pesto Udon~

 Day 51
Warning signs found at Culinaria’s (my schools restaurant) fridge and closet doors :)
Cleaned and organized stuffs today so Chef Ben said that he's failing me so Id still be there next quarter. Also Chef Ben asked if I could work during the schools 2 week break

 Day 52
Sous Chef for the day :) i was scared about this position but everything turned out well except I burnt my left pointing finger
I managed to stay calm throughout the service :)
After class we stayed a bit for practice. Got a little pissed cause of someone ehem. Watched a butchering demo at 5pm and went for beer after LOL

Day 53
Allergies getting worse

 Day 54
Oh God its Thursday again. The day I detest the most.
Cleaned / worked on my project- Shiso ice crean / made pork adobo for 6 people but then people started tasting it and eventually getting their own share.
They were pretty surprised by the simplicity of the dish

Day 55
Okonomiyaki day with Jewon
1. Pre packed okonomiyaki flour/mix. Funny thing is because it was pre mixed/seasoned i thought it doesnt need eggs hahaha (still tasted good though)
2. Made from flour, dashi (jewon made some) and eggs. For me this tasted fresher
Also had some ice cream while watching tangled on Jewon’s computer :P

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