Tuesday we have an early morning class at our schools restaurant. Today I was assigned to do the pastry 
To my surprise I was welcomed by a realllllllllyyyyyy long Mise En Place list (To do list) tadan I have 7 stuffs to do in 3.5 hrs.. how fun :)) haha

Went to Damso for some Korean food. Its my second time at this place, which was owned by a former Chef at the place I work at. Though I havent met him yet (since he already left by the time I started working) Ive been told by many to try out this place. 


Jaroro said...

yiiii~ you and jewon so cute lah! XDDD

ShuShu ♥ said...

arrw the food *NOM NOM NOM* and the card looks so pretty and cute LUCKY YOU! :'333

ShuShu ♥

Melody said...

Naww this is so cuteee!
And hahah, I'm the same sometimes! I try to be unaffected when the bf does cute/sweet things ..but really I'm like ^___________________^!

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