CII : Graduation + JNBY Haul + a Small Giveaway

Hey 'all so Im officially done at school forever.. hmm  not, I might go back to school for some other courses but for now woohoo.. Well Im actually done 2 months ago its just that we didn't had the graduation ceremony until last week. Not everyone from my class went but still it was fun seeing some of my classmates~

So pictures... I didnt take much.. I only had my phone that day~

with Shelvy and Serena
with Jose kkk my messy hair
with my Mom.. I know I know my mom looks so young kkkk
After the ceremony we went to Chinatown as I wanted to get something from Daiso- Yoko Yaya for my new room.. yep we moved to a new place which was way bigger than our last one.. Like 4x bigger.. My room is still the same size as my last one but but I have my own washroom :)

my room with my own washroom kk
So yeah we went to Chinatown and dropped by this Chinese boutique called JNBY. If Im not mistaken they also have a store in Metrotown.. Anyhoo Ive always wanted to go inside this store but I was scared that this might be one of those Asian boutiques with extremely expensive but pretty clothes which never fails to break my heart.. LOL now you know that Jessica is stingy.. not really

But since Im with my Mom, and my mom really like pretty and unique clothes. I didnt have to spend anything. also everything was on sale @_____@

I got a lot of outerwear, if you didnt know Ive only been staying in Canada for 1.5 year soooo Im sooo not used to the weather and all hehe so I always need a jacket.. :)) 

These are some dresses that caught my eye.. We bought the one in the right (but a cream colored one) for my sister, who would be graduating Grade 7 this coming June.. Though everything was on 50% off sale we still spent about $600+ hahaha.. Imagine if they werent on sale..

Now for the GIVEAWAY :) aaah I know most of you went straight to this hahaha..

If you read above I said that we moved to a new place right? So while I was organizing my stuffs for moving.. I saw some stuffs which I dont even use (like never ever used at all) so I thought Ill just share it with  you guys~~~

American Eagle Shirt (small) , Letter set from Daiso, 12pcs Wooden Clips for your DIY projects, a Cute Bunny post its, Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette (with blush) - Sandy in the City, Daiso Lower Lashes, A cute necklace from Korea, Sequined Black Bow Hair Tie and a Buxom Lipgloss in sugar.

Would anyone join though? So I am also going to add a surprise gift to the prize..
This give-away is open International~~
BUT!!! I wont accept any entries from people who blog solely about giveaways.. thats no fun!! kkk
now all you have to do is fill up the entry below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also to K-pop lovers out there.. especially to 4 minute fans.. I have autographed trading cards to give away as well.. I got these 2 years ago from 4minutes Mall tour in the Philippines~~

Id post about this giveaway soon :) watch out~


Angie said...

jessica congrats on graduating! you look so cute in your white cap (wish mine was that pretty). thanks for throwing another generous giveaway again! you're so sweet. take on the world!!

Angie, GFC: Angie (pandaphilia), email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com

THT Christina said...

Congrats on graduating! Must've been exciting! and I will join your giveaway ^^ (4 minute lover <3)

Name: Christina Trinh
GFC: THT Christina

Zeruda said...

Aw, congrats on graduation!!!!! Wow, that was really fast!!! My bf is still in school, he's been in shcool foreeeever :P no joke :P and he still have a year to go >.<

zerudaa at gmail dot com

(and hey, what does gfc mean?)

Carizza Chua said...

congraaattssss!!! finally, you're graduating :D and you got new pretty clothes!!

Shasha said...

Congrats on your graduation!!

Name: Natasha
GFC: Shasha
email: laurensianatasha (at) gmail (dot) com

Honeykaye21 said...

Hello, Mariko. I really miss you kaya naligaw ako sa blog mo. Nyahahaha! And sumali na din sa giveaway mo, for fun. :D Happy blogging. And btw, I want to sleepover in your new room. That's gonna be fun, dalhin mo sa Dec. Heee. Miss you, and conratulations again! ^_^

amyorvin said...

Thank you for the giveaway and congrats!
Name-Amy Orvin
GFC - Amy Orvin

Tifa said...

Awww congratulations on graduating!! Must be exciting. :) I'm from Canada as well, I hope you like it here. :) Hehe yeah those asian stores are soo expensive.. I never ever buy anything. I seriously can't afford anything there, but doesn't matter thank goodness for the internet!!


Shen said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I envy the fact that you have your own washroom lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

Name & GFC: Shen
Email: shen.neverland (at)

Melody said...

CONGRATS on graduating ^-^"!
I READ EVERYTHING COS I LOVE YOU :B haah ! And woah your mum does look young!! That definitely means you're going to continue looking young in the future too haha

and for your giveaway <3
Melody / Melludee


Hilary said...

Congratulations on graduating! :D
Aww domo-kun. Cute clothes. P:

Jessica said...

Hey Angie~ how have you been? :) well i think im some kind of a hoarder haha i always buy stuffs that i dont really need and rather than just letting them sit in the corner of my closet/drawers i thought id just share it with my blogger friends :) thanks for joining

Jessica said...

Thanks for joining but the 4minute wont be until after this giveaway though

Jessica said...

Hi Zeruda. Its the google friend connect (blog follower thingy) cant blame your boufriend. School is fun LOL

Jessica said...

Yesss finally hehe thank you :)

Jessica said...

Thank you :)

Jessica said...

Oh hello! I rarely see canada-based bloggers online. Glad to meet you. The stores are way tooo overpriced xD haha ive never tried online shopping ever xD i should ask you for tips :)

Jessica said...

Hehe i actually got the smallest room like other rooms are 3x the size of my room nonetheless i get a washroom so im pretty content kkkk thank you!

Jessica said...

Melody youre so sweet <3 thank you :) i wish id look young as i age. But for now looking young, well most people think im 16 >< and i dunno if i should be happy or irritated by it LOL

Jessica said...

Thank you :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love it darling!! maybe we can follow each others blog?! XoXo

Thomas Gantz said...

Congrats! \(^o^)/

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