XCV : Busy Year

I was recording a video 10min before 2012 when my friend called me on skype and so I ended up talking with her.

I thought this quarter would be pretty easy as we only have 3 subjects, but I guess not. We were to work in our schools restaurant 3x a week, one lecture class plus externship (99hrs)

I still feel really uncomfortable in the kitchens being around shelves and big pots (traumatized by an accident). I was trying to clear my mind, but yeah I think I was too anxious today so I was disappointed with myself ><"

Anyway Id still try to make that video...
I cant promise anything but Id try

Busy first week (will be at school 4x this week, work on the weekends plus a doctors appointment and one with a paychologist for the trauma xD and appointment w the concussion clinic)

I hope everything turns out well


Oh and I started a project 365
A picture a day for the whole year~


1 comment:

Hello said...

hahah!!! Being a chef will be so cool though!! :D Get well soon!

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