XCIV: Bye Twenty-Eleven

Twenty eleven brought a lot of changes.. I thought about giving up this blog, but I ended up keeping it (glad I did).. though 2010 had been more exciting, 2011 brought a lot of unexpected and yummy things.. XD

So the usual year-end summary (?) :)

I look soo different haha

The first cake I ever baked / decorated XD

Chinese New Year~~

I was a loner, I didnt had any friends yet XD

My very first friend here ^^ ~~ My  언니 Carrie


hihi after work.. I often smells like SE Asian curry XD

Getting ready for Culinary school.. more reasons to go DT and meet Carrie ^^
Id help her study English while she teaches me Korean :D

I started Culinary School, started working at a 5 star hotel..
I started following my dreams ^^

more (Korean) friends ^^

I dyed my hair for the first time ( Palty Milk Tea Brown ^^)

Stella, Amy and Carrie :)

Went to Horseshoe Bay and Ambleside Beach with Carrie

My classmate Pauline invited me and Carrie to go to New West and she introduced her Filipino friends~

Carrie cooked some Korean food before she left for Korea :(


**weirdest Takoyaki Ive had.. its on a salad XD

Started hanging out with my classmates..
Wed often eat out after class to try different cuisines
so the "Food Tripper group" was born

Barbecue party at Chiui's place
(a blogger I met through this site ^^ she's not on the pic though)
I brought another Korean~ Roy, that I recently met

Comparing diff Miso Soups for a group presentation
We then had empanada after

Dinner at Eva's place ^^

Some Japanese food @ Guu Izakaya

Plating dishes for a busy function at a 5 star hotel (my work) ^^

I became really close with this guy ^^

My 4th Korean meal ^^

Went to PNE / Playland (an amusent park)
and I bought a polaroid camera as an advanced birthday gift to myself hehe

and more Korean food ^^


Had more food... but was getting tired of taking pictures as often as before so...


My Birthday Lunch at a Korean restaurant ^^

Birthday Dinner ^^

First time bowling~~ ^^


Canadian thanksgiving party at Kevin's
**and thats me devouring a whole tub of ice cream hahaha

just a random picture of me :P

Eva's Birthday.. 2nd round of Samgyupsal~~
plus soju and beer :/ NG!

Japanese food :D

Yakiniku ^^

we have wine for class weekly hehehe

and beer for class :P **fieldtrip at Yaletown Brewery

Gingerbread competition at Hyatt Hotel
made by VCC

American thanksgiving

Making ice cream for plated desserts ^^

Haircut ^^

and unluckily I had a head concussion


I missed a lot of classes :(

I started a food blog

decorated my room

last week of class celebration  ?
drowning in korean food hehe

camwhoring.. say hello to my chubby cheeks

Went to visit Chef Jason ( to ask for stage / externship)
its nice when you know a chef haha
He gave us a free salad ^^

Made a huge Domo ^^


Whew! Still have loads of food pictures here haha
no wonder I gained a lot of weight this year ><

Maybe I should post another summary of my 2011 but it would be something like
Food I Ate Last Year XD

I looked so different from January's picture eh?
I abused using double eyelid tape the result is higher eyelids
**that I think looks so weird hahaha

People say I change hairstyle too many times .. hmm not really

I might do another Blog Post
talking about what else happened this year and my wish for 2012
**will try to do a video blog hehe

Now time to cook for New Years Eve
la la la


Shasha said...

Nice Photos!
Comparing your January Photo and December Photo, you look really different hehehe but still You look good in short hair :)
Happy new year ^^

Melody said...

Happy New Yearrrrr!!
And woahh, your year was definitely eventful!! And culinary school looks so fun *__*! You MUST cook for me one day okay!! :DD

Shasha said...

Hi dear, I tagged you here:
Please check.. Thanks ~~

Junjun said...

Teehee~ It looks like you had a fun year! c:

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