XCIII : Merry Christmas

this is my Christmas gift for my boyfriend..
He wanted the huge Domo plushy which was around $300 @__@
so I tried to make one myself.. about 2ft and a few inches..
and that explains why Domo looks so weird haha
(cause it was hand sewn by Jessica and Jessica doesnt like measurements XD)

Christmas is such a big thing in my country, Its my 2nd time celebrating Christmas abroad.
We didnt have that much food as there was only me, my mom and my two younger siblings. I usually think Christmas is the happiest time of the year, add the fact that you always have loads of foood. 

Anyhoo I went back to work after 3 weeks of being almost confined at home. I was only required to do a 4 hr shift (half my usual schedule) plus heaps of break time and light duties.. The doctor said to still take it easy so Im on light duties until next week and I have to report to my doctor and the nurse weekly ><" 
Since I was too lazy to take new photos... here are some stuffs I got for Christmas (and sometime before that)

I might be updating my food blog please check it out ^_^
Oishii Please

I also made a Tumblr account
for cheesy stuffs about love and stuff
if you follow me on twitter
youd know about this ^_~



Angie said...

merry christmas! haha i love the domokun pillow!

FashionableAsians said...

Merry Christmas! I want a giant Domo!!! kawaii!!

Shen said...

Merry Christmas! That Domo-kun looks adorable <3 Take care of yourself ^^

thepamjelly said...

that domo-kun is so cute! <3

got your link from teentalk btw :)

pam @ jellylovesbooks

Melody said...

Merry belated Christmas!
And naww, you're so talented *__* I wish I could make a plushie like that :D ! And eee, going to follow you on tumblr !

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